Friday, August 27, 2021

Crushing On Cardstock Day 1 Cards!!

 Happy Day!!

What a super busy month August has been ........... both in life and crafting!! I jumped in to the Crushing On Cardstock week of classes!! 


You can find that on Online Card Classes where I've taken several classes and love it so much!!

Day 1 started on Monday and here are the cards from that day.... we learned several techniques and although I have most of the cards done from each day I will blog each day separately to make it easier to post in the gallery there as well as keep track of what I posted! lol

Here are some cards made with the techniques of using paper strips....

Now for some damp embossing and paper tearing.....

Now for angled paper strips and paper weaving.......

Oh so many techniques with cardstock and this is just Day 1!!! Check them out if you like classes... I really enjoy these as you always have access to them and can go at your own pace!! Hope you all are having some wonderful crafty days!!

~ Live, Love, Create ~


  1. Oh my! These are all so awesome. Wonderful card design and so many variations using those fun backgrounds with strips.


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