Wednesday, June 4, 2008

KITTENS!!!!!!!!! And a new WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well.....................color me SURPRISED!!!!!!!! But no sign of Maria to claim the Blog Candy surprise!!!!!! So...............back to for a new winner!!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope you all are checking so I can send this yummy candy to someone soooooon!!!!!! LOL

Okeedokee............................the new winner is: BETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in PA)
Hey girl!!!!!! You can't say you never win anything anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I've got your addy so I'll get this out to you ASAP!!!!!!!!!

Now here are a few updated photos of the kittens!!!! They're 2 1/2 weeks old and their eyes are open and they're starting to show some personality!!!! They're just sooooooooooo dang cute!!!!!
I'll be back later with some cards!!!
~ Have A Creative Day! ~


  1. Congrats Beth!!! These kittens are adorable!! I wish I lived closer... I could totally take one of these little cuties off your hands! :)

  2. Oh I want to play with those kittens!!♥ :-)

  3. Bummer for Maria! Congrats though to Beth. Cody you were gettin' closer sweetheart (right state wrong name) *wink* LOL

    Okay, I have to say those kittens are totally adorable!! I don't need any more animals in the house, but if I lived closer I would surely be over to hold them and cuddle them. :)FUN, FUN!

    BTW. . . I have an award for you on my blog if you will accept it. :) Kel

  4. Wow, I can't believe someone didn't claim that awesome prize! Good for you Beth!! That right there is why I don't have cats, because I would never be able to give away the kittens, they are too cute!!

  5. Oh I want a kitten. To bad you are so far away because I could give one of those darlings a really good home!

  6. This is one very rare time that it's good we don't live closer - those kittens are TOO stinkin' CUTE! Lil' Red looks like our Buddy, just precious!

    I can't believe Cody picked me! I wish you could have seen my shocked face, lol. Thanks so much-you are so kind and generous! Hugs, sweetie!!

  7. Lee:

    Man, what a terrible time for the storm to zap my internet! I honestly couldn't get on here to see I won. What a bummer! Well, I guess I can try to be happy for Beth. :-(

    thanks for the chance anyway!
    Maria H.

  8. Yea Beth! And as much as I hate to admit it those kittens are totally cute. I'm a dog person sorry....and right now I am not too fond of cats as we have some wild bunnies that live in our backyard or under our porch or somewhere anyway and today as I was leaving for work I saw one of the neighbors cats dragging one of them by its neck across the street to it's yard. The bunny was obviously deceased! I about cried!

  9. Oh my word....the kittens are sweet. Joan

  10. Ooooo... the kittens are super cute!!!! I'm so jealous! :)

  11. Oh, how adorable are those kitties! I have two elderly tabbies who I love. And an elderly dog too!

    Congratulations to Beth and now I see also to Maria!

  12. Congrats Beth!

    What cute kittens...thanks for sharing photos!


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