Friday, May 16, 2008

Which Scrapbooking Paper Collection Are You?

I took this QUIZ.............I saw this on Susan's and Suzanne's blog..........just a fun little diversion! I'm exhausted but a bit too wired about the big move tomorrow morning!!! LOL

And lookie lookie!! I ended up being my very, very FAVORITEST Designer Paper!!!!! Isn't that cool!!!??!!

This is what my result said: You are BASIC GREY paper!You enjoy the newest and latest cutting edge products. Your work most likely work reflects a raw and progressive design style that stimulates and inspires.YOU SEE THINGS; AND YOU DON'T SAY "WHY?"YOU DREAM THINGS THAT NEVER WERE; AND SAY "WHY NOT?"

Well my friends............the next post will be from my new house!!!! Thanks for all the support and well-wishes!! And have a wonderful weekend!!!

~ Have A Creative Day! ~


  1. Well well!! Basic Grey!! What a perfect choice for you! I will have to go check out this quiz. I love that kind of stuff~

  2. I hope you are all moved and settled in. I wish you many years of happiness in your new home!

  3. Sounds like fun.. Will have to give it a try... Love your book club card too.

  4. Lol! Why am I not surprised at your quiz result??? It sounds quite right!

    Here's another wish for you to have a good moving day and that all will be settled again really quickly. Especially your new craft room - we neeeeeed that room to be settled so you can share some more wonderful creations with us!

    Take care, Lee. Hugs to all of your family.

    PS I will be at my current address a while longer. We still don't have a settlement date but maybe we'll have one this week? I hope?

  5. Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my blog, Lee! You made me laugh about the award thing - hee hee!

    Sure hope the move is going well. Am praying for you! xx

  6. This looks so cool! I am going to try it - good luck on the move! I hope I am Basic Grey too - I LOVE it!!

  7. Hope your move is going well and you're getting through packing and unpacking all those boxes.

    Wishing you lots of luck and happiness in your new home.
    Fe x

  8. So happy for you, Mrs. Basic Grey!. I'd probably be like provo craft or something, hah! Wish you well in your new home.

  9. I think you got the quiz just right... did you notice the quote?

    Live in Intention....
    Play with Abandon!!

    And that seems to be the sum total of the Lee that I know :)

  10. Just me again....wondering how your moving is going or went or gone! Hope everything is great! Get that 'puter hooked up!


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