Monday, April 21, 2008

A RAK Project and the Gina K. Bash!!!

Here's a project I did that I found on the RAK group on SCS I joined recently. I've only touched the tip of the iceberg with all the fabulous and giving people on SCS and the ones that truly need a lift and a smile!! Well, one lady wanted to make a Tote w/ matching cards for all the women at her church for Mother's Day. Now, she has CP (cerebral palsy) and loves to stamp and craft, but has some difficulties. So there were many who signed up to help! It truly was a pleasure and an honor to make one for her!! Forgive the photos, the light box is all packed up and I'm struggling to take any decent pictures!!!

So, here is my Tote and Cards. I had some difficulties simply because we really were supposed to keep them a bit more simple and matching! So.......I left off all my GLITTER and used only sparing BLING!!! LOL I know y'all know how hard THAT is for me!!!! LOL These aren't really my style (this fact pointed out to me by my daughter!! she said, "They're not *you*, but they fit the occasion and the request just fine.)................don'tcha love honesty??!! She's soooo right!!! At least I hope they still live up to expectations and a lovely lady will be able to enjoy it!!

Well....................did you all go to Gina's Release Party???????????? Oh yeah I DID BABY!!!! LOL The links are all in the post below this one!! I'm tired after partying and being lazy!!!! LOL I ordered 3 stamp sets and got the new very cool free one!! And I ordered the really awesome corner Fiskar's scissors, the metallic paste and the screw brads!!! Just love new toys!!! Did any of you order anything??? Let me know if you did!! And definitely be expecting some new and fun Gina K. and Melanie M. creations on my blog soon!!!!

Well, no SCS Challenge posted so far tonite and I think I may actually be tired enough (after a DEEElishisss Red Lobster dinner out with the fam!!!) and head to bed here soon!!! Good night my friends!!!

~ Have A Creative Day! ~


  1. Ho w thoughtful and special these cards are...great job. I was at the party! And can't wait to ge tmy order! Take good care! Have a marvelous Monday!

  2. I didn't make it to the party, as they needed lots of help Sunday night and early this morning, but I went on the web site, started to place an order . . . everything I SO wanted came to around $60, and then I backed out. :( LOL We have a closing coming up for a refinance, so I really shouldn't. Uggh, maybe after that I will go back and get them. I would have chose Melanie's set, the Kindred spirits sentiments, and I love Rachel, Rebecca and Naomi from the Kindred Spirits line. Those screw brads are awesome, too, but the only stamp I really like from the guy set is the grill. LOL

  3. wow, even if these cards are 'not you' they still are AWESOME! That's so sweet of you, I'm sure she will appreciate them so much! Of course you know I was there! But, I checked out early & didn't have time to say bye because my date showed up (Gabby on the webcam) she was SO adorable!! Ooh, I can't wait to hug & kiss on that girl in just 4 weeks! I placed my order this morning (trying not to be compulsive with my spending) and I got just Hip Hop Acc. & What's In Your Tin 1 (since I didn't get it last month) oh then I get Gina's OWLS for free! yea me! Anyway...want to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend *smiles & hugs*

  4. I think those cards are great...but I have to agree with DD that they aren't quite your style. Still very bright and warm!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. I just had to stop by and tell you what an absolute sweetheart you are. You definitely have the spiritual gift of encouragement. You just pop in on someone's blog and suddenly their day is brighter 'cause you were there! Thanks for being you!

    Now to the cards...these are gorgeous. Even if you don't think they are your style...they are beautiful. Can't imagine someone not being THRILLED to receive this. Love, love, love it...

    Now you're tempting me to go by Gina K's and see what's there. I've avoided that temptation for a long time......(will she do it???.........)

    Ooooh....Happy Birthday??? Didn't know you were a birthday did I miss that? Happy Birthday, precious!!!

  6. These cards are wonderful and how nice of you to take part in this. As to GinaK....I'm sorry I missed the party, but I intentionally didn't attend as I love the new sets and didn't dare get sucked into them as this month for some reason $'s are really tight around here and I am so trying to be good! It sure takes the fun out of life!

  7. Hippy Birthday to you,
    Hoppy birthday to you,
    Hippy BIRTH-DAY, dear LEE-EEEEEE,


  8. It's your BIRTHDAY????? Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you are having a fun, fun day!

    I love these cards and bags you all made for Mother's Day! They are very special, and how wonderful that everyone chipped in to help!

    I didn't go to the Gina K party but I do pop in to the site and know about th elovely new stamp sets. I do want to place an order one day - will have to wait awhile as $$ are also tight here right now :-) We're doing fine, I just need to be cautious about spending right now.

    Glad you enjoyed the toothbrush bracelet idea and you should see what ELSE Suzanne found on that site!

  9. wow..awesome tote! Glad you got some bday shopping in! Have a great day!

  10. How nice of you!♥ Someone told me I should join the RAK group on SCS but I didn't quite know what to expect and was afraid it would take a lot of time I don't have so I didn't but you'll have to tell me more about it (I'll e-mail you to remind you (if I have your email, LOL)).
    Yesterday night was a religious holiday for me so I didn't get to join the party but I did order the new hip-hop set and the so hoppy (since I now need the mama kangaroo to put the baby kangaroo in her pocket! ;-)) there should be quite a few creations with those sets on my blog too, I have some baby cards to make anyway... I ordered the metallic paste and the edger scissors when I ordered the kindred spirits ;-)
    This month I am spending because the tax money came back but I'll have to put a stop to that soon!! LOL :-)

    Apparently it's your b-day?? So ♥Happy Birthday!!♥

  11. They may not be *you*, but *YOU* did a fabulous job with them! All beautiful, and such a wonderful gift of *You* to give.

    Missed the Gina K party, and sounds like that's a good thing for my CC! Can't wait to see all your fun stuff in action!

  12. You are such a thoughtful caring person. This is so kind of you. I didn't make the party. Have fun with your new toys, I'll be looking forward to your creations.

  13. Wow! This tote/card giftset is FAN-tab-u-lou, girl! I LOVE it and the recipient is sure to as well! She's so lucky that you joined that RAK, what a treat they're all in for!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday on Monday (I didn't forget, just late--as usual!) How cool that you celebrated at RL, yummy! And then ordered up the Gina K.--now that's a birthday!!! You got everything, gee whiz! I can't wait to see all the awesome creations you come up with! They are certain to be most spectacular, just like everything you do! Hugs :)

  14. I love these, and I think it was so super sweet of you to help out!!


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