Thursday, February 28, 2008

One I Like................One Not So Much...........

Ahhhhhhhhh..........stamping..........sometimes things just come together and you get a fun card that you really like!!! And sometimes...............well, it just ain't happenin'!! Now, I thought briefly of not posting this second card...........but you all are my friends and love me anyway!!!! (Right????!!!!!) LOL My insecurity is showing!!! ;)

Anyway.............this first card combines 2 SCS Challenges from this week..........I am really enjoying combining challenges!! However, I haven't combined more than 2 yet, but I will be attempting to do so as you can get some awesome creations as I've seen in the Gallery and on Blogs!!!! The SCS Color Challenge and the Sketch Challenge were really a fun combo!!! The Black, White and River Rock just look so elegant together!! And I have never used any River Rock!! Well, that will change now!!!! My only issue was that the SU River Rock double stitched ribbon did not match the cardstock well, so I used other ribbon.

This second card started out great!!! I colored in my first Basket stamp from Gina K.'s new set with my first set of Copic Markers. I have lots to learn and really need to go hunt down those tutorials!!! I was pretty happy with the image...........just not too thrilled at my entire card. But it was 2 a.m.............and although sometimes I get wonderful creative ideas late at night..........sometimes I miss the boat. Well, I think it will still make a cheery little hello for a little lady at church. But..................I will be working on something else to redeem my use of Copics and Gina K. stamps!!! LOL I did use some Blue on my card, which was my own little challenge!!

Now.............2 fun announcements!!!!

I received my Pay It Forward blog candy from Susan in Australia!!! Oh the cute and adorable little button animals!!! I LOVE native animals!!! Okay, that sounds weird!! LOL You know what I mean..........a kangaroo and a croc and a platypus!!! And a card with an adorable photo of a platypus!!! Some images, dp and picures of these gorgeous parrots that live right outside her home!!! Check out Susan's Blog.........she's very creative and very sweet and also captures some cool pictures she shares sometimes!!! Thanks Susan!!! My PIF blog candy is on it's way!!!

And how lucky am I?????????? Remember Melanie Muenchinger's Blog Candy Contest???? I WON!!!!!!!! Go check her blog out to see the goodies!!! There's just too many to list!!!! Now how can I complain about my last name (Murphy)???? Murphy's Law is working FOR me lately!!!!!! ROFL


  1. I actually like both cards! I love the colours in the first one from the colour challenge - very elegant! Your second card is really fun and flowery. Great job on both! TFS. :)

  2. The colors from the first card are elegant. I, too, noticed when I attempted to use River Rock Stitched Ribbon with River Rock CS - they didn't match too well.

    Awesome coloring with Copics on the Gina K card. I think the card is bright & cheery.

    Congrats on winning the blog candy! How exciting. I'm off to see what goodies you won!

  3. Holy cow! That's one big pile of loot you've got comin'!


  4. Ooooooh pretty cards!
    That's a lot of stuff you're getting for sure.

    Wait! I'm posting as you. Haha if I wasn't being so lazy I'd change the name, but...

    Notice: this is not really you posting a comment. This is me. Haha. Wow I'm in a weird mood.

  5. That's surprising to me... I had kind of an opposite problem. I used the River Rock cardstock and ribbon at my Christmas card class and I thought the ribbon got lost against the cardstock becuase it matched too well! I wonder which one is different...

  6. Woohoo Lee!!!! Looks like you hit the blog candy jackpot!

    I noticed that about the river rock ribobn and cardstock too, your card is fabulous!

  7. Oh!...I love them both! the first one, elegant!...the second...a real beauty!

  8. I love both cards and love that color combo, gotta try it =)

  9. I had to look at both cards before reading when I saw the title, and withut reading I couldn't figure out which refered to what I thin they're both great! (but I know what you mean about sometimes finishing a card and thinking"yeah, I don't know..." I don't post everything I make!)
    Congrat on candy! I already have your addy :)

  10. I like your 2 cards! Great colors and design!

  11. I like both of your cards. I was going to try the color challenge this week but the colors scared me. Yours is very pretty though. Kinda elegant looking. I also love the second one. Love the flowers.

  12. You want *my* opinion of *your* opinion of the second card?

    PISH TOSH!!!!

    They are both beautiful!

  13. I like both cards! The first card is very elegant. Excellent job coloring in the second one! Very nice!

  14. I think both cards are very pretty. Love the build a brad in the first and those primas with that stamp in the second!

    Congrats on winning the blog candy! Fun stuff!

  15. Aw, shucks, Lee! Thanks for the kind words about me on your blog!! And I've had some new blog visitors this week because of you, I htink :-D

    I enjoyed looking at both your cards today. I agree with Ladydoc - there's nothing wrong with either of 'em!

    Great news about the blog candy. You're on a roll!

  16. I think both of your cards are pretty!! I love that Gina K set, I just wish I had ordered it!! Congrats on winning Mel's candy, you go girl!!


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