Friday, February 15, 2008

Isn't He The Sweetest???

Lookie, lookie at what was waiting for me this morning on my craft table??? My wonderful hubby, James, made this especially for me!! He went outside and took some Winter Photos until he found one he really liked!! Then he Photoshopped it to look like a watercolor painting. I know that part's hard to see in this picture!! He made a "frame" out of leftover contact paper we used to line the new kitchen cabinets he and his dad made last month!!! He even used a corner punch!! And his little sentiment says.......Luvlee'r Than A Snowy Winter Morning!!! What a hopeless romantic he's always been!!! You know what I love best??? That he made it around the kids and always lets them know how much he loves me!! Okay.......I'm just getting sappy and gushy now!! LOL I just had to share!!!

Tomorrow I get to play with my new Gina K. order!!! My dd and her friend have taken over my craft table for the night. But I can't wait until tomorrow to start creating!!! :)


  1. That is so sweet!! All I got was a phone call asking if I really needed to get roses, and a promise of dinner, that he then had to cancel because he worked late. My stepnephew did send me a hilarious text message that said "I tried to mail you something sexy for Valentine's Day, but the mailman told me to get my dumba** out of the mailbox!!" Aren't I a lucky girl!!!LOL
    Hubby will be back tomorrow from Texas, and I better get dinner!!!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwww

    Well he didn't make it around me...probably because I was sleeping... -sil-

    That's so sweet. :)

    ...even though that evil contact paper is still haunting us.

  3. now that's loooove, what a sweetie!!

  4. awww, you lucky girl, you! What a total sweetheart your dh is! Mine is not romantic in any way, but did bring home a cute plant and a box of chocoates this year and even removed the price tags first! What a precious gift that I'm sure you will cherish always! Hope you're havin' a great weekend...wish we could be stampin' together with our Gina K stuff, but we are stampin' sisters thru cyberspace and I'm very thankful for that! Don't forget to share your awesome creations and maybe your DD's too (especially if she your artistic talent)!

  5. Awww.....James is a definite keeper! That was a wonderful gift. My DH's idea is a hot cup of coffee to wake me up in the morning....the way I am in the mornings that's not a bad thing though!

  6. That is tooo sweet!!! Great story and great hubby!

  7. Lee, how sweet is your DH?? I melted too when I read your post! My DH is a sweetie too - he took me out for morning coffee, then lunch, then dinner!! I'm ENORMOUS! LOL!


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