Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Random Facts..........A Tag!!

Hey, HEY, Hey!!!!!!!!!! I've been TAGGED by my Flybaby Friend Suzanne!!! Sooo.......I'll take a break from all my challenge card-making and post some random (very) and fun (that's debatable!) and interesting (okay, that's just plain wishful thinking! LOL ) facts about me!!

1. I LOVE winter, and snow, and snowflakes, and snowmen, and blizzards, and fleece!!! :)

2. I am truly only "home" when we live in the mountains!

3. I never went to college........my parents wouldn't allow me to. But I have taken many, many classes as an adult and love to learn! In fact, my 17 daughter thinks it would be "cool" for me to take a photography class with her!!! :)

4. I love music!! Almost any kind!! (Just no rap!) I make my own CD mixes and they are truly "mixed" up!!! I will have Barry Manilow, Bon Jovi, George Strait, Five for Fighting, Enter the Haggis, Wham!, John Denver, Josh Groban, Dixie Chicks, Rod Stewart, Judy Garland, Sting, Gladys Knight & The Pips, The Eagles, U2..........and all on the same CD!!!! Okay.........you get the picture, right??!!! LOL

5. I did absolutely marry THE most fantastic man in the entire world!! And I have THE 2 best kids in the entire world!!

6. I love roadtrips!! Good thing too since we do 1 or 2 pretty big ones each year!! We've seen most of the lower 48!! Just missing the very NE States and N. Dakota..........I know, strange, huh??!!

7. Okay........this one may just surprise some of you!! Not very many people know that I have 2 tattoos!!! YES!! Me!! I really do!! And the bigger surprise?? I got them both just last year!! Long story for each of them.............but I love them!! In fact, I'm rather ATTACHED to them!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

Well............there you have it..........now aren't you just thrilled to the gills you know all that??!!! Or at least I hope I didn't scare you off!!! LOL Hmmmmmmm..............now to post my list of unsuspecting victims.........errrrrr........friends!!!!! :)

Jen Jordan


  1. Ha ha! I enjoyed reading your 'tag' comments and wasn't [ut off! I followed the link from Suzanne's blog to yours and also enjoyed seeing pictures of your life in the snow. I used to live in far northern Canada once, and my folks lived in Anchorage for a few years where I visited them, so I do know snow and couldn't agree with you more about winter being wonderful. Now I live in northern Australia where snow is unheard of! We long for cooler weather this time of year! Right now the Christmas beetles are pounding on the screens outside (it's around 8pm and they are attracted to the light I have on), it's humid and cloudy and hot. Oh - Christmas beetles are amazing creatures. They start off life as brown beetles, but this time of year their carapaces of gorgeous shades of gold and other iridescent colours! Kids wear them as live 'brooches'!! Really!!

    See you enxt time :-)

  2. Really, two tattoos??? I'm not going to ask where? O loved reading you list. It is fun to get to know each other better especially the "quirky" things.
    I think you should take that photography class. Sounds like fun and just imagine all the fun you and DD can have doing the assignments together!

  3. Happy New Year, Lee! Isn't this tagging thing just a hoot! Fun to really get to know people a little better. Your facts are quite revealing!!! LOL

    BTW, just wanted to let you know you won my Winter Wonderland Give-Away! Congratulations! I used the ramdom.org thing to generate the numbers and when I realized it fell on your name, I clapped my hands! You are such an encouragement to all the bloggers you visit. Hope you have a wonderful time making winter cards!! Just email me with your mailing address and I'll ship the goodies to you right away.

  4. It is great to learn more about you. I posted my tag on my blog. :0)

  5. I'm with you on #4, except I like rap, too!

  6. I want to know more about the tattoos. What are they of and what inspired you to get them?
    How fun is that..2! I am too wimpy to do that.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog, Lee, and for your nice comments! Will call in again here soon :-)

  8. Lee, it's so lovely to hear from you again! Am enjoying your feedback very much. Thanks! Am looking forward to seeing what crafting idfeas you come up with next, too.

    Would you mind if I put a link to your blog on my blog, by the way?

    Have a wonderful day! :-)


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