Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Light Box!!!! my friend who's the SU Demo had a Light Box that they were getting rid of. She gave me a FANtastic deal 'cuz one light is broken. Well.......kinda but not really......the switch doesn't work, but her hubby fixed it so that it still does work!!! They are such awesome friends!! Anyway...........I brought it home and was ready to start taking professional pictures!!! Only problem................I kinda forgot that I was NOT a professional!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! My first several photos did not turn out super fantastic perfect.........and I was not happy!! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!!!!!! So I went to the Grocery Store and let my daughter work with it! She has more creative staging ideas and definitely had more patience in practicing using it and taking TONS of photos of the same card. I think she did a teriffic job!! But we've still got lots of learning to do to get the settings and lightness and etc. just right!! But I am happy with my new acquisition......I must learn patience and patience and patience!!! LOL

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  1. That photo is great! Your daughter does such nice work staging!

    I've been wanting a light box for a while!!!! You are so lucky.

    Merry Christmas, Lee!


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