Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Badges!

Okay............well badge!! Sarah.....aka....nelsonwoman and Sarah's Stampin'......designed an AWESOME badge for all of us SCS Flybabies who are blogging now!!! Isn't it waaaaaaaaay cool???!!!! :)

Hmmm...........any other badges I should be adding????


  1. It looks awesome Lee! We're so proud!! :)

  2. Lookin' good; both the badge and you that is!

  3. Lee- thanks for the reminder! I was so excited about the badge when Sarah put it up that I quickly did a copy/paste of the picture and didn't have the link. Now my badge links!

    This is so neat!!!

  4. thank you all for your wonderful comments! I'm just glad we have one that eveyone likes. . . .


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