Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Winter Is Here!!!!

Oh finally!!! After a quick tease of winter at the end of warmed up again.......we native Coloradans do NOT like that!!!! ;) So........some cold weather and some snow is so welcome!!!

How'd you all do making it thru the long cooking weekend???

I finally got my French Doors in my bedroom!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! We talked about replacing the old sliding door when we first bought this house...........over 6 years ago! The time was right, sale at Home Depot, AND we're getting it fixed up to put on a slow market! Oh well..........I'll enjoy them while I've got them!!! We do want to move to more acreage so we can spread out........but I will miss my view!! But if we get our 30 acres.......I'm sure I'll have an equally wonderful view!!!

Star Gazing is my renewing and peaceful activity now..............and I mean our Lighted Star on the side of the mountain that my French Doors face!! I was a volunteer Firefighter/EMT for over 10 of our duties was (is) maintenance and lighting of the Star. It's an OLD tradition that started in the late 60's/early 70's I was told. There's an annual Chili Supper fund-raising and then the official lighting of the Star on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It stays lit until January 1. It's also lit for Memorial Day Weekend in honor of fallen vets and families can list loved ones they lost in the little local paper to honor that year too. It was lit on July 4 for the first time ever this past summer........and it was actually sectioned into Red, White, and Blue!!!! There are a couple of people that our family was very close to and that we lost, so it has a special meaning and comfort to us too!!

I'll see if I can get a good photo and post one!! I'll definitely have to get a framed photo to hang in my new house so I always have it with me!!!

DD turned 17 today........oh my!!! James and I had such a walk down memory lane........we just can't believe our baby girl is almost an adult!! It's completely surreal!!! And how proud we are of her too..........she gives the word "teenager" a FANtastic meaning!!!! :)

Well.............I've got lots of cards to make and crafts to I'll be back soon with a post full of pictures soon!!!!


  1. I hope you can get a good picture! I've always wanted to go to Colorado. Happy birthday to your daughter!!!

  2. Can't wait to see the pcitures!

    My DS was 30 on Friday, so that 17 still seems like a baby to me- but they do just keep getting older soooo fast!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to your baby girl ;)


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