Friday, November 9, 2007

We're Home!!!!

What a fun, exhausting, interesting, sweet, windy, hot, cold, snowy, sunny, rural, city, short, long trip!!!!!!!! THAT's what happens when it's a 14 day road trip...........a little bit of EVERYTHING!!!! LOL I have to wait until James recovers before I suggest the next road trip!!! He's swamped at work AND quite worn out!!

Well, we ended our trip with Mt. Rushmore and Bear Country USA.............and I have to say...........we WILL go back!!! Here are just a few reasons why.............ENJOY!!!! :)


  1. Welcome home Lee!! When you're planning your next trip come down south and visit Dallas! ;) I'm so glad that you guys had such a great trip!

  2. It looks like you all had soooooooo much fun! Someday we will take a family vacation where we don't just go visit family and then come home again. :0)


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