Friday, November 9, 2007

On The Road Again!!

Kansas City, here we come!!!!! A nice quick drive this time!! And then fun with and dinner out and yummy dessert (but we ALL shared just one dessert, so no calories whatsoever!!!) LOL

Then we got to go to Keri's and do some stampin'!!!! And found out that Keri has an adorable house and is very creative and talented!!! And that my dd is a wonderful designer of Wrapping Paper!! We had such a wonderful visit and I'm so sorry I left her stamping area in such mess!! Next time I'll have to build in some Flylady time after our stampin' time!!!

Minnesota!!!!!!!! Here we are!!!!!!!! :)

And with a bit of a hiccup............seems like traveling in the off-season is wonderful for avoiding the big crowds.....but in many of the colder climates, campgrounds are closed for the season!! But with such lovely and generous Flybaby friends we had a place to stay!! And a wonderful and beautiful and fun place to stay at that!!!!

The Kay-Are -Aiy Family had a plug in for our camper and yummy food and stamping and visiting and games with the kiddos.............and on and on!!!

The Kub even designed a quick altered object for us!! I also got to snuggle a little Flybaby baby!!! Check out our pictures!!!


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