Monday, October 22, 2007

It's PREP Time!!!!!

Wow!!!!! 5 days until we take off for a fun 2 week road trip!!! WHEW!! Still soooooooo much to do!!! Laundry, cleaning, packing, getting the camper ready, shopping, errands, arranging cat-sitting, mail pick-up, etc, etc!!!! But it will be so worth it!!!

I'm gonna get to meet MORE Flybaby friends!!!!! Yipppppeeeeeeee!!!!!!! AND get to do some birding and geocaching, and of COURSE stamping too!!! Yes............LOTS of my stampin' stuff is comin' along!!!

Sooooooooooo...............Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, we come!!!!!!!!!! Did I leave any out??????? Hmmmm.........will have to consult the AAA books and planner!!! ;)

Meanwhile..............hubby and kids have been VERY helpful in cleaning!! Now to get them to get all their shhhtufff packed!! 2 weeks is quite a long time to pack for!! (I'm tired and I'm NOT fixing the previous sentence even thought it DID end with a preposition!!!! LOL).

Stay tuned for pics and road stories!!! After all, we are Murphy's and yes, our Law does seem to follow us around!!!


  1. Where are you going in Texas? Near Dallas???? I am so excited that you're getting to go on such an awesome trip!

  2. Shtuff?!?! I have shtuff?? AAGH! *hides from shtuff*
    AAAAAAAGH!!!!! *hides from Murphy's Law* It's out to get me!!!!

    ...anyway, whoohoo! Fun fun vacation. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

    I can't believe you didn't mention the KJA/RM booksigning on Wed. in your blog! They're your favorite authors to meet after all...oh wait that's me. Hah.

    Lack of sleep is attacking, so I must RUN! *hides from lack of sleep*

  3. What a wonderful trip you have planned. That's a lot of ground you are covering in two weeks. I hope you have a wonderful time with both family AND friends!


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