Friday, September 21, 2007

Some Days Are Just..........

well, not fun.

Hubby and I helped an older lady at church get to and from various errands involving the fallout of her car accident. A drunk driver hit her 10 days ago. Having been a responding EMT/Firefighter.......this is a major soapbox issue with me!! Just seeing her in so much pain and losing her car......of course it's not easy. Her children and grandchildren all live out of State, so she's really in need of help with some pretty major decisions. Oh man am I so glad for a hubby who is intelligent and level-headed!!! He was able to retrieve her personal items from her totalled car, and not yell at a lawyer-interview this afternoon. I did not yell either, but I wanted to tell him to just get off his high horse!! Well, at least we have 2 other interviews set up for Monday, along with at least one other Dr. visit. She also is in the process of getting her house ready to put on the market.........and it's not a good market right now. But she really wants to live near her daughter and her youngest grandbabies!! I sure don't blame her!! So her life is on hold and she's a mess!! Meanwhile, the guy's bonded out of jail and gave false info!!! Now just WHERE is John Wayne when you need him???!!!! LOL

Ah well.............what I am extremely grateful for today is that my family is healthy and happy! And I must keep remembering to help out when folks need it.........but not to take on everything. Hmmmmm............that'll take some figuring out I'm sure!!

Weight loss sure doesn't happen on these days though, let me tell ya!! Diet coke and cookies were my meals today.............well.......picking myself back up........a la Flylady........and begin again with my baby steps tomorrow!!!! daily "check in" or "kick in the pants" friend...........thanks for being there!!

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  1. Lee ~ what a great friend you are to this lady!! I am sure she appreciates your help beyond words. Drunk driving is one of my soap boxes too. My ex-boyfriend was killed in a drunk driving accident, he was the drunk driver, so I worked through a LOT of emotions when that happened.

    Today was another not so good eating day, it started off well, then I just went to McDonald's for dinner. I am going to work on my grocery list so I can stop having bad days!! We can do this!!


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