Thursday, June 14, 2018

Just Creativity.......

Nope, I don't blog happens, stuff happens.....

I am not affiliated with ANY specific stamp company, paper product company or anything.  I create what I LOVE when I feel moved to do so.  I pursue photography as well as do some coloring and paper-crafting.  Lots of reading and some baking too.  Pokemon Go is a wonderful family and stress-reducing game we love!

I just want to say who knows when I'll post....I'm not sure much or maybe the mood will take me and I will more.  But I do want to share this thought....

ENJOY what you can each day.  We all have struggles, pain and issues.  So find some joy in what lets you express and enjoy a creative side to you!!  Paint, draw, stamp, take pictures, read, walk, cook....or so many other activities.  Give to others.  Let yourself breathe.  

Find joy in the little things.  That can sustain you through rough times.  And know you are loved!

                   ~ ~ Lee ~ ~

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