Friday, April 8, 2011

New Blog Design

You may have noticed or had your attention brought to the fact that the blog background and header have been completely redesigned here on My Reality...It's All Good!

The redesign was done by Lee's daughter ( me! :D ), who has a new site to promote her designs now. :)

Annie J Designs:

Or you can contact her at

Thank you for bearing with us during this shameless plug. You will now be returned to your regular blog schedule.


  1. Great job. Really like the new look.

  2. LOL.. love the 'shameless plug' :) very talented daughter you have Lee, takes after her Momma. The site looks great!

  3. It looks fantastic! I love the shadowing, the colors and the entire site. I LOVED the shameless plug. ;)

  4. Nice for so much inspiration. Lory


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