Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Note: new blog design and graphics work courtesy of aspiring graphic design artist Jaimee "Annie" Murphy (LuvLee's daughter). Any and all feedback appreciated. :)

((hey, nobody said I couldn't advertise, as it were, once I was done with the work... ^_^ ))

Is it obvious said daughter wrote that post???!!!! I mean smilie, no exclamation points, no colorful certainly wasn't MY post! LOL But seriously.........she has designed my blog bg and header as well as a friend's header.......Misti........and I think she's awesome!!! Let me know if you want her services and I'll rent her out!!! LOL


  1. It looks FABULOUS (even without the smilies & the exclamation points but more importantly... NO PINK!!! ;) ) Great job, Jaimee!!!

  2. This is fantastic!!!!! I just changed my blog look and it doesn't look nearly as nice as this!! Jaimee you ROCK!

  3. Send me a fee schedule Lee...I want a 3 column!!!

  4. cute post and a lovely design job by your budding design artist daughter :)

  5. snicker!! She is muy talented! And smart to consider her options to advertise!


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