Monday, December 1, 2008

12 Days of Christmas, A Tag and A Kiss!!!!

Smiley from's that time of year!!!! LOL And Mandy and Limelight Papercrafts are celebrating in a big way!!! It's a super fun version of "12 Days of Christmas" with creating, fun, games and prizes!!!! It's Day 1 today so check out Lisa's Blog My Little Creative Escape to begin the merriment!!!! I will be hosting a fun challenge that has a prize to win tomorrow, Dec. 2!!!!!!!! So don't forget to pop back by!!!!!!

Oh and I've been Tagged.......I think by a couple of people a while back that I forgot to do!! OOOPS!! And just recently by my friend Barb at Explore, Dream, Discover. I am to post 7 random facts about me............let's see.............there are soooooooo many and DD isn't here tonite to point them ALLLLLL out to me!!!! LOL

1. I actually stamp every day........well unless I'm sick or we're out and about.........but if I'm home I get some kind of stamping or coloring images time each day! It's "my" time!!!
2. I always have tv, music or a loud fan on in the background. I've had tinnitus ever since I was little and canNOT stand the horrendous ringing in my ears!
3. I am arguably the most disorganized "organized" person I know!!! LOL I really LIKE things totally organized and in their proper place....but having a lack of shelving and space and having teenagers who soooooooo don't cooperate forces me to actually NOT be as organized as I'd truly love to be!!! A study in contradictions am I!!!
4. I am a cookie monster!! Yes......any cookies (almost!) LOL. That's why I really was even MORE stoked than usual at Melanie's latest can I NOT love this set of Have A Cookie Stamps!!!!??? LOL
5. I love snow!!!!!!! Sorry, I know y'all know that.............but I just LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!
6. I'm not ready for my kids to be grown up!! I suppose I'm not alone there, am I?? I just want them safe and protected for a little longer!!! Okay, forever..........but I know that's not gonna happen!! LOL
7. I have had some of the BEST experiences of my life since I started stamping 2 years ago and blogging 1 year ago!! You all have become amazing friends and such a special part of my life and I'm incredibly thankful for you all!!!!! here's a KISS!!!!!!! LOL I am part of Ashley at Heart Hugs Designs Etsy Design Team!!!! Yes it's a blast and I was soooooo thrilled and honored to actually be a part of this unique and fun little group!!!! Ashley picks out an Etsy Shop each week for some inspiration and we'll post what we come up with. Then she'll post all the DT creations and EVERYONE is welcome to play along!!! Usually there is a really awesome and cool prize to win, sometimes from that very Etsy Shop!!!! So hop on over and see what it's all about!! She posts the challenges on Saturdays and I'll remind you all on Sundays!!!!

This week the Etsy Shop was Morgan Street. The super yummy-looking and fun products as well as some very tasty yummies too!!! I tried a template by Renee O. as posted on Splitcoast for this little Chapstick Holder. I used the delicious Sweet Stack DCWV dp and the Kiss from the Unity November Kit of the Month. I made it for my little 4 y.o. niece!!!!
~ Have A Creative Day! ~


  1. Your card is Yummy!!! I love that fun and scrumptious paper, and the "Kiss" stamp is delightful!!!

    I know what you mean about not wanting your children to grow up. I am in the same predicament...experiencing growing pains that I'm not quite prepared to experience. I know all parents go through it...I'm just not ready yet (as if I ever will be).

    I'm also a cookie-holic too:o)


  2. What a sweet card! that is a great idea, i know lots of people here who could use that LOL....
    About point 1: I try that too. Point 2: except for classical music I like it quiet, but then my ears don't ring, ugh, that's got to be awful! Point 3: I think we have that in common, I RULE mess... I know exactly where everything is and boy if something gets changed, I freak! So, in other words, it may look like chaos to others, but I got it all under control LOL....
    no cookies or cupcakes here unless they are made from whole grains with honey and no sugar ;)

  3. Love the chapstick holder!!! Kids grow up too fast - I agree!! I'm having a hard time letting my baby go - but I'm trying! Almost any cookie is a good cookie! :)

  4. Thanks for participating in the TAG, Lee. I love cookies too, and I happen to have snowmen cookies on my blog today! Take good care and have a great day!

  5. Oooh, totally love that yummy card Lee!!! Congrats on being on the DT, that is fabulous!

    I loved reading your facts, you are such a sweetie!!!


  6. LOVE that card Lee and congrats on your new DT!! I loved reading all your answers. I had no idea you loved snow...LOL :)

  7. Yay, Lee! Congrats on being on Ashley's team! She is lucky to have someone as talented as you.

    Love this card! So pretty!!!

  8. such a cute, cute card.

    After reading your facts, i see that we sure have a lot in common expect for the snow part...LOL!

  9. OMGosh, Lee! That lip balm holder is SO CUTE! I love it!
    I already caanot believe how fast kids grow up! I put Archer down at the mall so he could stand and watch the ice skating and he took off! He's not even 1 yet!
    As far as you being the most disorganized person you know, were your eyes shut at my house????

  10. How cute! and pretty too! and useful!

  11. What a fun team to be on! When I get a little free time I'll try to play along! Love this chapstick holder and of course another of your delightful cards!

  12. Such a cute little holder, love it! As for the organized-disorganization, I can so totally relate! LOL! The important thing is we can still find things in our chaos! ;-)

  13. Very yummy card! That paper is so cute! Love it! I love everything you creative.


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