Monday, August 25, 2008

SupporTee'ng A Cause!!

Okay, cheesey title.......I know!!! LOL But I really wanted to draw attention to another fun way to use Melanie Muenchinger's Little Tees stamp set!! My friend, Kerianne, saw the Breast Cancer Awareness earrings I made with the Little Tees set and commented about making something similar for her Fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes. Her sweet and precious little 7 y.o. niece bravely deals with this every day of her little life.......and Kerianne not only adores this little girl, but takes on the fight to find a cure for her!! You can read about it on Kerianne's Blog Entry. I get to thinkin'...........yeah, I know...........but sometimes it's a GOOD thing!!!! ;) Why not use Gina K.'s Stamps For A Cause, How Sweet It Is that was designed specifically to promote awareness and raise funds for Diabetes research!!! make some cute earrings with the STATEMENT that's needed!!! Well............Melanie sure does provide lots of options!!! So I used the "rock" and the "let's hang out" sentiments (I masked to just get the word 'out') and hand-wrote "Diabetes". So the Tee actually says, "ROCK out Diabetes." It really is much clearer IRL!!

I colored the Tees with my Spica Atyou Glitter Pens.............OF COURSE!!!! LOL And I made the card using Taylor's Cupcake Challenge 30. It's the first time I've ever played along and I LOVED it!!! I'll definitely be playing more often!!! I used the Hero Arts Cupcake stamp set along with the Gina K. set. So that's 3 stamp sets for this Card/Earring set!! Why not??? I think they work spectacularly together!!!! Well, I hope Kerianne likes these.....I had a little trouble with the O-rings for the earrings, so hopefully they don't come apart!!
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

DD's Grad Party & A Couple VSN Cards!!

Oh boy!!!!!!!! I should say "girl"! in honor of my DD!! LOL What a crazy weekend!!!! Lots of family, friends, food and fun!!!! Okay, and to be perfectly honest..........WORK!! I'm beat!!!! But it was an enjoyable time and celebrated my little girl truly being an adult now! **sniff sniff** Although also said with IMMENSE pride!!!! Here's a picture of her cake......I think it's just gorgeous!!! :)

This weekend was also VSN on Splitcoast!! I was a hostess, and although my challenge was a mini one in July, all of us hostesses were very involved and supported each other by participating as much as we absolutely could and commenting on all we can! I'm still working on that! LOL There was such wonderful participation and gorgeous creations!! I'm just going to share a couple at a time since this week is not only needed to get my house BACK into good shape, but to get DD and I packed for our road trip!!! We leave Thursday for Kansas City to head to the big Irish Festival. It's part of her graduation gift for my sis-in-law and I to take her and her best friend out there to hear their most favorite Celtic Bands!! I also will get to spend some time with a WONDERFUL stampin' and flybaby friend of mine!!! ready for us???!!!!! LOL

Here are a couple of the VSN challenge cards...........It's always so fun to participate in VSN, but can be very challenging at times with a 45 minute time limit!!!! LOL MOST FAVORITE challenge was, of COURSE the BLING challenge!!!! It was called Fancy Nancy......and I just poured on the bling!!!!! Oh and if any of you notice on SCS by my user name...........I passed 20,000 posts and got to pick my own title!!!!! I'm a chatterer, that's for sure.........but about half of those posts also come from commenting in galleries where I really try to make some unique comments for each card!!! My title??? BLING IS BLISS!!!! LOL And this Tinkerbell image I got in an always ongoing PIF Image Swap was perfect!!!!

And this one is an Inchie challenge! I'd never made an inchie card before.......they're fun, but I need a square punch as trying to cut out perfectly even tiny squares is soooooooooo not fun!!!!!

Okeedokee...........I promise I'm in the process of catching up on blog-hopping.........this weekend was nuts and this coming week is going to be too. But little by little I just LOVE seeing what all of you have to say and to share!!!!! Hope you all had a FABulous weekend and I'll "see" y'all later!!!!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

A Special Featured Stamper Challenge!!!!!!!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!!!! Oh you coulda heard me for miles!!!!! Well, okay, the bears and deer and elk could anyway!!! LOL What a fun and fantastic surprise to see that Jessie was chosen as the Featured Stamper for the challenge this weekend!!! I'm blown away that she hadn't been chosen long before!! Well, I have TONS of Jessie's cards in my Favorites, so it wasn't hard to find one to CASE!!!! LOL What ***was*** difficult was actually "choosing" one!!!! I decided to CASE this beauty since I'm really loving different sized cards lately: Sparkle. I kept the awesome layout and the Nature theme........but I used different colors and stamps and bling......and then also made a pin with the Pretties Kit. I need a bit of work on that, but I think I like it! LOL

Oh tons to do...........I'll be making and doing quick posts of VSN cards for this upcoming BIG weekend for VSN!!! Please join us as it's tons and tons of fun!!! I'll actually only be able to pop in and out of the actual party since it's also DD's big Graduation Party weekend! If I'm not dead from all the housework, prep, shopping and cooking!!!! LOL Okay, I admit it.......the prep, shopping and cooking is FUN!!! It's the housework that's NOT!!! LOL

I also have to share this sweet, darling award given to me by Kristine!!! She is so cute and sweet and amazingly generous!! Look for the post where she's sending out hand-made beauties to her Top Ten commenters (I'm one 'cuz y'all know how much I love to chat!!!) and some amazing Sugar Nellie images that I've been drooling over!!!! Isn't she awesome??!!! This award truly, truly goes out to all of you.........these get so difficult to narrow down as this blogging/crafting community is just so talented and gifted and loving!!! Please know this comes from my heart to each and every one of you!!!! And Kristine sure has a great idea with that Top Ten...........I may just do something like that myself!!!! LOL Thanks Kristine!!! You absolutely made my day and I can't wait to hold that gorgeous card in my hands!!!

Have a wonderful Monday and I haven't forgotten that I do want to post some challenges on Mondays.....but I'm looking for a way to incorporate them into others as there are so many fun ones I've never participated in yet either! Stay tuned!!! LOL

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doodlefactory Is Here!!!!!!!!!!

In my mailbox that is!!!!! My awesomely talented friend Donna was recently asked to join the Design Team at StarvingArtists Doodlefactory and I so could not resist getting my hands on these cutie patooties!!!! Have you seen all the amazingly creative and fun cards that Donna has made with them????'ve GOT to go check out her blog!!! You'll see other fantabulous creations too.........she's just that way!!!! LOL Love ya girl!!!!!

So............of course I had to introduce you to one of these little ones!! So........Zeebo would like to make a special entrance!!! A glitzy and glamorous entrance that is!! That means Zeebo is a she this time!! LOL And she loves the spotlight and getting all purty for y'all!!! I stamped her in Palette Noir twice and did kind of a paper tole technique, but only with 2 layers. I distressed the cb folder with white craft ink before putting the black cardstock thru. And ribbon and pearls..........lots of it! What fancy filly would go out for the night without all her finery I ask you????!!! LOL

Well........I gotta finish packing so dh and I can head out early, early in the morning for a day at the office (which is good since I get to earn some stampin' $$) and then to Ft. Collins for a business trip that I get to go on!!! Friday I'll stay at the hotel myself and color images and reeeeeelax just me with some wonderful down time!!! Then a fun night out with dh and then he has to finish up work Sat. morning and DANG IT ALL...............I have to spend that time at a Stamp Expo!!!!!!!! LOL I get to meet Mothermark!!!! I'm so excited!!!! And I'll have my stampin' money and prolly waaaaaaaay too much fun!!!

Of course, this couple day break is just that. A break from the craziness that is August!!!! It's absolutely non stop!!! DD's graduation party weekend is the following weekend and her graduation trip to KC Irish Festival is the weekend after. I have lots of cleaning, organizing, cooking, packing, planning...............oh but I refuse to think about any of it until after this trip!!! LOL I promise I'm working on catching up on's been insane and I've missed you all!!! "See" you soon!!!!

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Oh I know...........everyone is.........why do we always say, "when things calm down I'll......"???? I don't know about you........but things just don't calm down!!!! LOL Oh well...........tons of calm when I'm old and can't move, eh??? LOL

Let's see........finished up my daughter's announcements. Actually she designed them and made them, I just helped doing the "grunt work".........cutting, folding, punching........just *****when***** did the roles reverse??? Oh my I am so emotional with my first one graduating High School!!! She's not even leaving for college.......she'll be taking classes mostly online (a perk when you live in the mountains!!!). It's just the fact that she's an adult......well, technically her birthday isn't until after Thanksgiving.......but she's so grown up and independent and smart and funny and, and, and, and.................grown up!!! LOL ****big sigh**** I am so incredibly proud of her, and I've just got to share her announcement.......there's also a very meaningful poem on the back. You can tell I wasn't involved in the design.........NO pink and No bling!!!! LOL I know she'll eventually have all the info on her blog about the announcement!

Oh yes!! I finished up some Stamp Of The Month House Mouse swaps that I really needed to catch up on!! But I forgot to take a picture of one of them! Oh'll just have to use your imagination to conjure up a picture of of House Mousies at school with a very cute ABC background paper!! LOL Here's the other.........I made those Double Pocket Cards, using the tutorial on Judy's Blog (her directions are awesome!!!)....I LOVE those!!! With the sentiment inside as one of the tags!'s another's Technique Lover's Challenge on SCS. It was another fold card for which I again was soooo thankful to have my Scor-Pal!!!! It made it so easy and fast! I used one of the new Gina K. sets, Summer Harvest.......I love it!! These will be perfect for decorating the jars of homemade jelly I make this Fall!!! I need to practice a bit more so I can balance out the embellishing of it.........but I certainly couldn't let it go nekkid.......without any bling!!!!! LOL

Now this is my card for the SCS Featured Stamper Challenge......this one was truly touching. A very talented and wonderful stamper named Michelle battles MS and yet stamps and makes lots of cards for the wonderful and special little patients at her local Children's Hospital. The challenge was to CASE a card from her lovely gallery and then send it to her! So I thought a cheery and seasonal House Mousie card would make her smile AND a child at the hospital!! Won't you play too???

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!! I'll be inking up more new I'll "see" ya later!!

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

An Origami Fold and Paper Pretties!!!

Well, Blogger is having issues with any blogs with you'll have to remove that for now to access your blog and let others read your blog. I don't think I ever had shouldn't be a problem for me. But we did wake up super early to find we had no water.............a problem with the well hubby is desperately trying to fix without costing us an arm and a leg!!!! Looks like he may have..........let's hope so!!!!

Here is a card with a Blintz Base fold. It was the Technique Challenge on SCS this week. Super, super easy with my Scor Pal!!! 'Cuz I can't fold for nothin'!!!!! LOL I was in a Snowy mood.....prolly 'cuz it's been hot!!!!! So I used some wonderful Basic Grey - Dasher dp and these cute snowman buttons I found at Archiver's!!

These 2 cards were for the challenges at the Paper Pretties Stampin' In Your Jammies release party last nite! I DO so love their cutie pie stamps!!!! One was to make a card with black and white and one other come on.........y'all KNEW I'd pick PINK didn't you???!!!!! LOL And the other was to make a party-type I made a little girls' nite invite.............any of you wanna come stamp and have a slumber party???!!!! LOL

Okeedokee.............hopin' to do lots of creating this weekend as I got my new Gina K. stuff!!!! Hope you all have a FUNtastic weekend!!!!!

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