Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some Special Pink Tees!!!!

I really wanted to make something cute and also meaningful after seeing Melanie's Tee Stamps and the Breast Cancer Ribbon accessory stamp. And cancer has touched so many of us. So I thought some little earrings would help make a statement and also be fun to wear! I also loved this sketch, so thought I'd make a matching card. Watch for the matching tin soon!!! LOL I'm working on some other projects, so I gotta run...........but what do y'all think???? :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Blessed With RAKs and Awards!!!

Oh how fun!!! A happy mailbox week for sure!!!! I just have to share some beautiful cards that brought such smiles!!!!

A special card from Carolina with the sweetest and most encouraging message inside!!!! This sentiment means so much to me and is such a boost to my self-esteem!!! Thanks so much my friend!!!! You know just what to say!!!!!

A cowgirl delight from Donna with some of the cutest Doodlefactory images!!! I've been wanting to try some after seeing Donna's incredible creations with these little guys!!!! Thanks Donna.....I just know I'll be adding some of these to my collection soon!!!!!

A colorful and awesome surprise from Melanie!!! I felt so spoiled and on top of Cloud 9!!!! Thanks Melanie for this awesome card and special gift!!! She made my day....week.....month.....heck ya......whole YEAR with my very own "Sneak Peek"!!!!!!

A wonderful and adorable and purrrfect thank you card from Jessie!!!! You sure know how to say thank you!!! And with the fantastic LAYERS that I love!!! I've learned so much from her!!!

And here are some fun and coooooool awards!!!! It's so difficult to choose, so the last few times I dedicated the award to everyone.......this time I have to choose with a couple of these......but please know how much I LOVE y'all!!!!!! :)

I got this adorable and fun award from one of my BFF Donna!!!! This amazingly talented and giving woman is a Guest Designer for Paper Pretties (where I'm now a Stamp Of The Month member!!!) and a Design Team Member for Doodlefactory by Starvingartistamps!!!! If we lived closer I'd hang out with her so often she'd get sick of me!!!! LOL Luv Ya Girl!!!!

The rules of this award are:
1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.It is a way of saying thank you to those who take time out for wonderful comments to boost your day. I am going to pass this award on to:

Carolina - She reached out to me as I was just getting the hang of blogging.....and stamping!!! LOL She's an amazingly gifted crafter, who's specialty is in altered items!! Seriously.....the most gorgeous gifts and techniques can she come up with!!! She knows just when a little pep talk and hug are needed!!! Thanks Carolina!!!!

Melanie - What a brilliant artist!!! I know you ALL know how much I **adore** her stamps she designs for Gina K........didja see my "Tee" button on the sidebar??? Go to her blog and e-mail her and you can have one too!!! I'm so thrilled to call her a friend and wish I could just take a peek inside her brain!!! LOL You ROCK Melanie!!!

Linsey - Have you SEEN this girl's blog???? She's currently a Guest Designer with Gina K., a Design Team Member of Clear Artistic Stamps, and a past Guest Designer for Unity Stamps!!! Way to inspire me to keep on growing and learning and creating!!!! And she gives me a cyber "hug" often!!! Thanks GF!!!!!

Jessie - A Designer with Paper Pretties with a love for layering (which I totally am into!!!!) and that too!!! LOL A devoted crafter who always makes time to RAK away and bring smiles to so many of us!!!!

And an extra one just 'cuz I can!!!!!! One of my BFF IRL life (don'tcha love all the abbr.???LOL) AWESOME Kerianne!!!! We have THE best times when we hang out together!!! She always makes me laugh and doesn't make me feel older than her!!! ;) Hope to see you soon!!!!

And now a new commenter/friend to my blog: Catherine of Inksomnia - her sunshiney and upbeat comments as well as her fabulous blog full of fantastic creations is one of many new friends I've made!!! And how can I not relate to someone with that blog name??!!! How many nights do I stamp away my insomnia??!!! LOL

I truly consider you all friends!!! You're stuck with me now!!!! LOL

I got this artsy award from Fe-Fe!!! She's an amazing crafter and an awesome and courageous mother who shares so openly about how they're family goes through their ups and downs with her son's autism!!!

Here are the conditions of this award:
1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.
2. Link back to this blog site ( so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women.
The Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.
This award is specially for my frequent Flybaby Blogging Friends who support me in blogging and in our little corner of SCS!!!!! You all mean the world to me and I've met some of you IRL and others I still "need" to!!!! KWIM??!!!! Hugs to you all my friends!!!! There are lots of wonderful Flybaby friends who either seldom blog or don't blog at all.........this is dedicated to ALL of you too!!!! :)

I got this artistic award from are so know this goes right back to you to my dear!!!!

And ALL of you who keep coming back to visit me!!! I just am so amazed that this fun hobby of stamping that I started 18 months ago has turned into a LOVE, and addiction and possibly even a way to earn my own stamp spending money!!!! Hubby would love that!!! LOL Thank you all for making blogging and stamping and visiting so heartwarming and enjoyable!!!!!

~ Have A Creative Day! ~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Post..............Chock Full Of Challenges!!!!!


I got ALL the Dirty Dare challenges done by yesterday!!!! There were 20 challenges, and I only broke down and combined the last day into 2 cards with 4 challenges!!! I'm sooooooooooo psyched and I had the most awesome time!! A full stampin' weekend with a very understanding family who just let me play!!!! And VSN and Gina K. release party challenges. Well, I've replenished my cards, so the RAKing shall begin!!!!!! One of my most favorite parts of stamping is sending a smile!! And I'm so blessed to receive so many also!!! One more time...............crafting women are the BEST!!!!!

Well, I'm gonna do the same thing as before and put them all into one post to save you AND I a bunch of work!!! LOL So.......just quick posts, if you have a question about a product or something I use.........just ask away!!!

A Color/Inspiration Challenge:

A Faux Stitching, Pink & Black, Long, & Clear Challenge...........the clear is the little button:

A Making A Scene Challenge:

A Color & Sketch Challenge:

A Sketch Card:

A Flap Card Challenge:

A Distressing Challenge..............and no, I was NOT distressed making this card!!! LOL:

A Pink & Black and Sketch Challenge:

A Gina K. Sketch:

Another Gina K. Sketch:

A Featured Stamper Challenge:

WHEW!!!!!!!!!! Are you all exhausted???? I know I am!!!! And I sit looking at today's Technique Challenge and finding myself just "having" to try it!!!!! LOL It's a sickness.............yes it is!!!!

I would like to point out that I **did** do some housework today!!! :)

I'll "see" you all soon!!! On your blogs................these challenges kept me busy, but I promise to go catch up on your blogs thru this week!!! Hugs to you all!!!

~ Have A Creative Day! ~

Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Challenges.........Less Sleep!!!!

LOL..............No sleep in sight as I just found out 8 more Dirty Dare challenges on SCS this weekend!!! And I just hostessed my very first VSN challenge tonite too!!!! It was the mini challenge night that precedes the BIG VSN at the end of August!! There were 5 challenges and I hostessed one that was making a Distressed card.

So here are the VSN challenges from far I'm keeping up!!! However, housework, cooking and my family are a little...........ummmmmmm.....................neglected!!!! LOL We have to go up to take DD's friend home tomorrow, so I'll have to work like mad tomorrow night to complete Saturday's challenges. I don't know why, but for some reason I set myself a goal to do every single challenge with the Fan Club on this special week at SCS. Hmmmm............I think I may need to schedule some sleep next week too!!! LOL

Stitching Challenge - I had to hand-stitch as I have no machine (ok, I bought a serger for dd and I to learn how to sew but haven't done that yet and I don't even know how to thread it!!!)

Cupcake Challenge - Yummmmmmmmmmmmy!!! I used some Basic Grey dp called Cupcake:

Silhouette Challenge - I had never done this before as I don't have many solid stamps....but I like this look:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned!!!! I'll be back with more cards..........and more crazy, hyped up, caffeine-induced energy!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

~ Have A Creative Day! ~

Friday, July 25, 2008

Look What's NEW!!!!!!!!!!

So were you at the SCS Gina K. release party????????? You all KNOW I was!!!!! LOL Guess what??? There were some FABulous new sets!!!!!!!! OF COURSE!!!!!!!! Here's the link to Gina's Store...................go check out all the new stamps and bling and.......get this......BASIC GREY items!!!! WoooooooHooooooo!!!!!! A beautiful stamp set, Flowers For Daisy, is a gorgeous set that will also help raise funds for the American Cancer Society thru August. Oh and an AMAZING and totally unique set from Melanie.........yes, that creative SUPERSTAR!!!!! It's a DARLING stamp set called "Little Tees"!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my first project made with Melanie's fabulous and fun new set!!! I stamped the image of the t-shirt and then scanned in to Photoshop so I could re-size it to be the actual card size!!!! I love it!!! Then I printed it onto Sultry - Basic Grey designer paper..........'cuz Basic Grey is DE BEST!! I just had to bling it up.........but just a little!!! Isn't it cool how Melanie has given us all the chance to be Fashion Designers!!!?? LOL I'm telling you all................the possibiliTEES are unlimited!!!!!

Oh and did you notice that cool new button on my sidebar???!!!! The adorable shirt straight from Melanie's new stamp set that says, "I {{heart}} Melanie's Stamps"???? Want that too??!! Of course you do!!! Visit Melanie's Blog and send her an e-mail and she'll send you the code!!!!

I've got more challenges to finish and my hostessing of Mini VSN on SCS tonight!! Come play with us!!! I gotta go, but I'll be back with lots of cards later!!! Have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!!

~ Have A Creative Day! ~

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We Have A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do ya wanna know?????????????? ****wink wink**** picked from the Pink Helmet and it is...........................

SUSAN from Susan's Saga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh e-mail me, pm me, but contact me so we can PARTY tonite with Gina K. on Splitcoast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you sooooooooooooo much to every single one of you who entered!!!!!!! You all are amazing and make blogging so much fun!!!! Stay tuned as I will definitely and absolutely have more Gina K. blog candy give-aways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Challenges and Paper Pretties!!!!!

WooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I got my new Paper Pretties stamps!!!!!!!!!! Sweets For The Sweet and Bunny Slippers Sophia!!!! I couldn't wait to ink them up, so I used them in a couple of the SCS challenges!!!! I'm sorry I'm posting super quick............but it's 6 a.m..............I haven't slept at all yet.............and I still gotta get housework done, a stamping project with dd and her friend, a WINNER chosen for the blog candy, dinner made AND be ready to PARTY at the Gina K. release!!!!! LOL So here are my cards without many details.........let me know if you have any burnin' questions for me!!! LOL

A Watercolor Card:

An Inspiration Card:

A Monochromatic Card:


~ Have A Creative Day! ~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SCS Challenges and Fruit!!!!

Haha.........great title, eh???!!!! ;)

Well, here's a quick post with some of the challenges that have kept me stampin' today!! The Splitcoast Dirty Dozen is hosting a Dirty Dare '08 for Fan Club Members. Becoming a Fan Club Member is not expensive to join, and all kinds of fun perks like gazing at some of the most talented Stampers' Galleries and uploading on Sundays as well as supporting a wonderful place makes it totally worth it!!! And then some really special challenges like these!! There are some challenges posted each day this week, and these are the 4 out of the 5 posted so far:

A Ribbon Challenge:

A White Space Challenge:

A Masculine Challenge:

A Vellum Challenge:

And this one I made for VSN........a card to be inspired by Dr. Suess!! Can you guess what inspired this card??? LOL to that "fruit" part of the title.............I saw this cute quiz on a new blog to me.........Stampin' When I fun is this??!!! I don't know how accurate these things ever are.........but this was a summertime fun one!!!

You Are a Strawberry
You are friendly, outgoing, and well liked by many people.
You are popular, but there's nothing you ordinary or average about you.

You a very interesting person, and you have many facets to your personality.
Sometimes you feel very conflicted. Your different sides of your personality pull at you.

You are a very sensual and passionate person. You are fiery... you can't help it.
In general, you keep your passionate side under wraps. You are only wild in private.

Are you all getting excited about the Blog Candy drawing????? Just a day and a half away!!!! And then the Gina K. party!!!!!

Oh and my new blog reallllllllllly is Pink and Brown.........for some reason the page just takes a long time to load......I'm sorry!!

~ Have A Creative Day! ~

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lots Of New Stuff!!!!!

Ohhhhh..........looooooookeeeeeee!!!!!!! Pink and Brown and Pink and Brown and Pink and Brown!!!!!!!! Can you tell I love it??!!!! LOL buddy Kerianne duded up her blog soooooooo cute and shared the link for the free and fantastic blog backgrounds!!! Here it is.........The Cutest Blog On The Block. There's a TON of fun and amazing choices! Now how could I resist pink and brown???!! What do y'all think??? are some cards I made this weekend.........even with lots of fun and family and activities.......I still HAD to stamp!!!! LOL One of my sis-in-laws is a stamper too and recently started really adding to her SCS Gallery and playing in challenges. Her SCS name is Physha. if you want to stop in and visit her soon-to-be-filled gallery!!! I have THE most wonderful in-laws EVAH!!!!!

These little ATCs are for a House Mouse ATC Holiday Swap. How can you resist these little cutie pies??? And House Mouse just released bunches of new and, of course, ADORABLE stamps!!!! My friend Christi, aka RazorbackFan, sent me this little cutie and he is soooo perfect for ATC size!!! And couldn't resist some glitter and stickles for a truly festive look!!!

Now..........I've been inking up Melanie's Cuddles & Hugs. I hadn't made something with the cute lil snakes yet, and as I was looking thru my new Basic Grey packs I got on sale at HL............I LOVE Basic Grey!!!! Well.........I thought..........ohhhhhhhh a cute Christmas card with these little snakessssssss!!!! LOL While my family doesn't celebrate Christmas, I love to create and love the festive fun and holiday foods and scents!!! So.....what do you think of a Snake-y Greeting??? LOL I printed the sentiment out on the computer and just made sure it was "punch-sized". And these snowflake embellies were the perfect color to match!! Had to a bit of glitzing up too.......but next time I think I'll leave the faces alone........they don't look as cute with the glitter pen. I used the Paper Tole technique for the snakes. It's really wonderful since the images look better and you don't have to cut out tiny little pieces as the stamped image underneath takes care of that!!!

Oh and I just found out one of my fellow VSN hostesses has a cuuuuute blog and is doing a fun blog candy in celebration of 10,000 hits too!!!! Go check out Michelle at The Crafty Cat.

I'll be stamping tomorrow and have some super fun new things!!!!! :)

~ Have A Creative Day! ~

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My blog went over 10,000 hits!!!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!! (like my 80's song reference? Come on, I'm not the only one who was a teenager in the 80's.......admit it!!!! LOL) When I first posted in September of last year, little did I know just how many AMAZING and TALENTED and LOVING friends I'd make..............both in getting to know friends I had a bit better thru blogging, and making brand new friends-for-life!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL soooooooooooooo much!!!!! You truly are a blessing to me and bring such richness and creativity into my life!!!!!!!!

Now.........I simply MUST have some yummy candy to celebrate such an auspicious occasion!!!!! Let me see.............hmmmmmm............what is it that y'all want????????? Well, DUH.........stampin' shhhhtuffff!!!!!! LOL all know what a Gina K. nut I am..........(okay, I'm a regular nut too!! LOL).............well, a Release Party is coming up on July 24th for Gina K!!!! You know that means a TREMENDOUSLY fun release party on Splitcoast Stampers in the Gina K. forum!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know Melanie has a new set coming out........she'll start sneak peeks on her blog soon!!!! ;)

Oh????????? What's the candy you ask?????????? LOL....................a $30 shopping spree at Gina K. after the release!!!! Why after the release??? Well, you may have your eye on some current goodies there............but who knows what's on the horizon, eh???? I will have a random drawing courtesy of out of my infamous pink helmet!!!!!! The drawing will be on July 23 at noonish, so you can partay away on the KNOW I'll be there!!! And then you can just pm or e-mail me with your $30 order and I'll arrange shipping and pay for that!! K???? All you have to do to enter is just leave a comment on this post!!! :)

Allrighty then.................I have a FANtastic and FUN award I've been blessed with by several friends!! Sarah, Suzanne, Susan awarded me this Brilliante Award!!! Thankyou, thankyou soooooo much!!! What a cool award!!! And it goes right backatcha!!!! ;) You are such wonderful friends!!! Honestly...............there's no way I can pick out blogs on a night when I'm sooooooo incredibly thankful to all of you for sharing in my blog and leaving me such encouraging comments and totally boosting my self-confidence!!!! So this award goes out to EVERY single one of you!!!!! Please consider yourselves awarded for being the creative and sharing women you are!!!!

Lastly.................boy did I get long-winded or what???!!! LOL Here are a couple of quick SCS challenge cards.........I sooooooo love challenges!!!! One is for the Featured Stamper challenge and one is for the Color Challenge. Enjoy!!

I've got an extra teenager for a week as DD's friend (and really, she's more like my second daughter!!!!) is visiting us.........and then 2 of my fabulous sisters-in-law and a niece or two for the weekend!!! What a HUGE amount of fun and visiting and stamping and eating and playing we're gonna have!!!! I hope all of you have a fun summer weekend too!!!!

~ Have A Creative Day! ~

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Sad and The Happy

Well, it's been quite a couple of days............just a quick post as I'm exhausted!! My friend and her kiddos came up for a couple days while dh was on a business trip. We had a wonderful time, but busy!! My daughter is up with some friends in Denver so she could go to the Colorado Irish Festival. We'll be picking her up tomorrow when we go up for our nephew's wedding.

Well, first the hubby's good friend lost his daughter-in-law to cancer. So he needed a couple of cards, one for his friend and one for the son. These are soooo not fun to make!! I've made general sympathy cards before and didn't seem to get too sad. But making them for someone I know and for such a profound loss put me into such a sad place. I am glad I made my other cards earlier since I kinda just need to veg and take a break from the stamp room for a little bit. I think the Lovely As A Tree set is really a good one for sympathy cards, especially for men. to the happy........the much happier I might add!!! Our nephew's wedding is tomorrow and I needed a card. I don't know his bride to be.......and had only the invitation to try to get an idea of style and colors. So I settled on a simpler card where the beautiful Basic Grey - Periphery paper could do most of the detail work!

And then for the SCS Inspiration was all about Cake.....Cupcake Wedding Cakes.......oh the photos on this site were sooooooooo yummmmmmmy!!!!! Well, of COURSE the pink and brown color combos just jumped out to me!!! LOL That was so not a surprise to any of you, was it????!!!! Oh and guess what???? I totally ***discovered*** a new technique!!!! Okay, okay........I prolly did not actually discover it..........but I made an oooops and it turned out pretty dang cool!!! I had covered the latte mug with Crystal Effects but wanted to dry it quickly so I heated it with my embosser. And it bubbled up and made this really cool, smoky, wavy effect!!!! I love it!!!! Usually when I make a big oops that I can't cover with ribbon or more layers I have to dump it in the trash!!! LOL What do ya think????

I made this "Green" Card yesterday for my AWEsome Sis-In-Law!!! She's the youngest of all the siblings and has been the best Auntie ever to all the nieces and nephews and weddings and showers, etc. So it's her turn to be the center of attention and to be appreciated!! She's switching careers to work with some environmental issues.........hence the "green" card!! LOL All the siblings and kids are chipping in a little something to make this a special celebration!!!! And it was a good way to use Green Galore that I normally have quite a problem using!!!! LOL

Allrighty.........I need to spend a bit of time with hubby watching some old black and white game shows......they're great for totally relaxing and laughing!!

~ Have A Creative Day! ~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chocolates, Notecards and Flamingos!!!!

HA!!!!!! Don'tcha love that title????!!!!!! :)
Well........still gotta post, so, so much going on.......but I want to share my Gina K. Secret Swap projects and another Melanie contest card!!!

Here's what I made for the Gina K. secret swap...........I made a little 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 box (thanks to my ScorPal!!) for 6 matching notecards. I do need some more practice making boxes!!! LOL And I altered a little window tin and wrapped some milk chocolate nuggets in dp. I LOVE this yummmmmmmmy Basic Grey dp!!! And the Retro Boutique stamp set just called out to be inked up for this!!! What do you think???

And.............another contest card........have I mentioned I ****ADORE**** these Flamingos???!!! YES!!!!! And the SCS Color Challenge was so perfect for them and the Afternoon Tea dp!!!!

Okay......lots more to do and make tomorrow.........have a FABulous day and I'll be catching up on blogs soooooooon!!!! Hugs!!!!

~ Have A Creative Day! ~

Monday, July 7, 2008

Quick Catch Up Post!!

Howdy Blogging Friends!!!!!

It's soooooo crazy lately, so I just wanna post a quick update and some cards I made this weekend. Let's see........hubby has to still get in and get an MRI since there was a glitch with the last appt. But he seems to be doing we're hopeful it's nothing serious!! I've got a stamping friend bringing her kiddos up to stay for a couple of days while James is in Denver at a Business getting things ready for them and him packed up!!

But here's some cards I made..........some Challenges and Contests..........the Koala card is for Melanie's Contest to make a card using one of her stamp sets along with at least one other challenge. Hurry and join us as you've got until Tuesday to submit!!!! And then there's some WishRAK challenge cards I made. I'm finishing up my Gina K. 1:1 swap and I'll post that project later.

Have a fantastic week and I promise to catch up with all of you sooooooooon!!!!! :)

~ Have A Creative Day! ~