Friday, June 27, 2008

My First Diorama Card and A Tag By My Daughter!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh.............I made my very first Diorama Card!!!! I don't why I felt so intimidated by this......but the SCS tutorial was so easy to follow and I had the idea to ink up my Gina K. Owls!!! Throw in some absolutely gorgeous Teatime or is it Time For Tea? dp by SU........and a bit of bling!!! LOL These are so fun and simple to make!! I couldn't decide on a "scene" for the front of the card, so I pulled out the dp and thought it would be just perfect with these owls!!!

Now for a Tag from my darling and hilarious (but with a crazy sense of humor!). Her blog is called The Word Bender. Here are her rules as SHE posted them (they're funny in and of themselves, so I'm cutting and pasting)........

Rules--to be posted and followed down to the last letter within the time span of one week. Consequences for disobeying these rules even slightly or for putting them aside for longer than one week will not be mentioned for fear of queasy readers:

1. Post these rules. This rule was really already implied above, but it's worth repeating.

2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves. They have to be random. Random, of course, can be defined in any way the poster feels like, unless it's a really boring definition. I recommend including ducks in it somewhere. Ducks are never boring.

4. At the end tag and name a few (at least two) other people. Well, tag at least. You don't have to name them, but it would be helpful. Mostly helpful to the people wondering who got tagged, and if it was them.

5. Go to the people tagged (and possibly named) and leave a comment telling them they're tagged (and named, unless you're keeping that bit a secret from them, which is always fun).

6. No matter what else you do--if all else fails--DO NOT FORGET TO OBEY RULE 3. here are 8 random facts about me......

1. I despise and detest brown mountain crickets.

2. I like painting my toenails each a different color so I'm always wearing a rainbow!

3. I'm addicted to stamps and bling (well, that's prolly just a wee bit obvious to some of you!!!) LOL

4. I have never had a pet duck. (that random fact would be for my dd!)

5. I think I'm the only person of my generation who has never seen Top Gun or Footloose!!

6. I cannot wear or walk in heels.........seriously, it is a picture you soooooooo don't wanna see!!! LOL

7. I am a red head.......yes, I am.......YES, I AM!!!!!!!!!

8. I'm so happy to have made so many awesome blogging and stamping friends....including YOU!!!!

Well...............I'm not tagging anyone, since I think I forgot to do a couple of tags I received.........and I can't remember now who tagged me! I'm so sorry! But if you feel like playing this silly tag let me know!!

Okeedokee............tomorrow we make one last trip (hopefully) to the old house as a couple have already rented it and move in this weekend!! We've got a few boxes and tools in the shed to retrieve and a window to fix. But what a huge relief that it rented so quickly and we won't have to stress over paying 2 mortgages!!!! That's truly a blessing!!! And then hopefully I'll get some stampin' time as my Gina K. order came in today!!!!! "See" you all later!!!

~ Have A Creative Day! ~


  1. Great diorama!!

    ok, I'm confused: does hse really live in ireland??
    whee is rule #3???? LOL!!

    Top Gun and Footloose: what are you waiitng for! Get thee to thy Netflix and have a guilty pleasure movie night. (you'll be cheering/dancing on your couch!)

  2. what a fun card! you do need to rent Footloose & Top Gun, wow that's strange you missed those. I watched them both a LOT of times!

  3. I've never seen Top Gun either (never wanted to) but I LOVE's a must-watch! This card is adorable! I have never tried a diorama either. I really need to get over all of these stamping fears I have. LOL :)

  4. WOW---OH MY GAWSH, those owls are TOO CUUUUUTE in there!! =) Love your diarama card so much. They are fun, aren't they? My girls loved making these too.

  5. This is really cute Lee. I love the little owls peaking out the hole. Joan

  6. Beautiful diorama card - way to go! Glad to see you stampin' again...thanks for sharing this beauty with us.

    As for Top Gun, I think I'm in the minority, but sadly, don't care for it very much. Footloose, yup, a must see!

    Glad to read you rented your other house - woo hoo!!!

  7. Great diorama! I keep thinking I'll make one and then chicken out. LOL!

    And the tag? LOVE IT! So cute...

  8. Fabulous diorama - I love it! And, you need to watch them both - they are great! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  9. Oh so sweet, i love those owls, peeking out.

  10. Oh, this card is just absoltely adorable!!! I love those cute little owls! You did a great job on the diorama! I love the paper and the bling!

    Christi D.

  11. Gret diorama. The owls are so cute, they look fat and puffy. Great job! I love the fact that you make things and you make them look so easy, you say this is your first diorama card but it looks like your a pro at these. Well done!

  12. Okay seriously, how can you call yourself an american and not have seen Top Gun or Footloose??? Man, you gotta see Top Gun, if only for the Volleyball scene, and the shower scene.....yummm

  13. Love the owls peeking out...they are so perfect for your diorama card!

    Now I hate to say it, but you really are missing out on some fab movies. I LOVED footloose...incredibly 80's but totally fun and happy!

  14. Love the diorama card with the cute little owls and the beautiful flowers.

    I love that you paint each of your nails a different color, shows off your awesome personality!!

    I agree both great movies get to the video store!


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