Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Almost Moving Day.............But I Got More Stampin' In!!!

Howdy my friends!!! Can you believe it?? Saturday is almost here!!!!!!!! But I had to sneak in a little time for some stamping before I actually did pack up my shhhhtufff!!! LOL

I made a card for our first Hostess Challenge for the upcoming Book Club VSN on Splitcoast!! I am soooooooooo super excited to have been chosen to be one of the Hostesses!!!! The first challenge that the hostesses were given was to make a card that was inspired by a book cover. Well, I HAD to choose my very, very FAVORITEST book in the whole world.........To Kill A Mockingbird!!!! I first read this book in 6th grade. It was my instant favorite. As I've mentioned briefly before, I had an abusive and miserable childhood.............but THAT was truly my heaven and my escape!!!! I actually was allowed to read, so I took every opportunity to become any character and have any amount of wonderful adventures!!! My card is a very loose interpretation.........there are many different book jacket designs that this book has had........this one is the most recent I think. I basically pulled the plum color and the swirl designs as my inspiration!

Now this second card I made tonite was just for Melanie.............I usually "hop" right in and make lots of fun creations with one of Mel's new sets as soon as I get it!! But moving and packing and being sick just have seemed to get in my way!!! LOL But I wanted to get at least one more in to Melanie for her fun and generous contest!! So as I'm still totally addicted to BLING and to this wonderful Nursery Baby Girl DCWV's my card!! Let me tell ya..........cutting out all those little pieces is work! But I have a bit of a tip.........just go over any white spots with Basic Black Marker that might show if you don't trim close enough.................and VOILA!!!'s a fun and sweet award that was given to me by THREE of my wonderful stamping and blogging friends!!! Suzanne, Jennie and Christi all awarded this to me!! Talk about making my day!!! Now how can I possibly choose??? I have so many wonderful and encouraging and talented friends that I'm truly amazed and blessed!!! So..........besides bouncing back to the 3 wonderful ladies who nominated me..........I really and truly do dedicate this to all of the amazing and wonderful stampers who visit my blog!!! My lil ole blog.............and I soooo don't pay attention and was stunned to see that I'm over 6,000 hits!!!! Like..................WOWZERS!!!!!!!! So some blog candy will be comin' sooooooon!!!!! Just let me unpack first!!!! LOL

One last DD got her Senior Pictures done.............OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! They're phenomenal!!!! She's like me and, being a big girl does NOT like pictures of herself............but they turned out so beautifully that I think even ***SHE*** could see the beauty!! My daughter is so lovely and pretty and sweet.............and she's the kindest and most loving teenage girl I've ever, ever met!!! I also got permission (well, more like acceptance!! LOL) to post some here. I'm waiting for the photographer to send me the j-pegs I pick out and he is so amazing that he's letting us post some!! I'll also be getting his logo to post.............wait until you see............he is THE most amazingly talented photographer I've ever seen! He's got tons of awards and I just could sit and stare at all his photos all day long!!! But......................while I'm waiting for a few days for those............if you'd like to see our ABSOLUTE MOST FAVORITE PHOTO of DD (it was so hard to choose!!).........she got her own photo he already e-mailed to her posted on her blog!!! Check it out HERE!!!! This is my 17 year old..............I canNOT believe she's already so grown up!!!! By the way Erynn is her pen name..........she's sneaky that way!!! LOL

Well............good night (errr.........morning! LOL) my friends!!! I should have a lot to post after this busy but very exciting weekend!!!

~ Have A Creative Day! ~


  1. what a great card - it's so ethereal! I think I remember vaguely reading it (more seeing the movie) congrats on the award it's so deserving! your daughter's picture is awesome - I love B & W photos - she IS pretty! Love the pose with the guitar - so cool! hope moving day goes well! *hugs*

  2. I went to see her picture and left her a message, I can see why you are so proud!! It's beautiful!! Super cute cards too, and I hope the move goes well!!

  3. Glad you were able to get one last bit of stamping done before packing up. Your card for Mockingbird is fabulous. I love how you've layered the hardware over top of the ribbon. It's fabulous. I'm going to have to look into that bookclub....sounds interesting.

    I like the little giraffe card too and look forward to seeing pics of your daughter...I go through that again next year. I went to see her picture...she looks wonderful with her guitar. I also like her list of book series and authors.

    Have fun this weekend.....hope everything turns out well. Joan

  4. What a lot of work you have been doing! I loved that movie!! I remember reading it years ago in grade school(many, many years....) and crying.....!! such memories......have a good weekend!!

  5. Gorgeous cards, but more importantly gorgeous daughter. Definitely a LuvLee daughter. (yes I read your comment.....)

  6. Love that giraffe card, Lee! Super cute! Hope everything goes smoothly with moving!

  7. That butterfly card blew me away. I LOVE IT! sparkles are yummy. Your dd is beautiful. Coming from someone who has struggled with her weight her entire life, I totally understand where she's coming from. As her world broadens so will her perspective on this subject. America's next top model even had a "plus size" winner this season. I think she's a size six, but still, we're getting somewhere. You should visit the Jemez area(pronounced Hemez) here in New Mexico. It's north of Santa Fe and near Fenton Lake if I'm correct. Take care and have a great night.

  8. Wonderful cards Lee!!! The butterfly one is just so sweet and soft. The one you did for Mel is just beyond adorable - love the dp and your coloring is perfect!

    Just clicked on the link to see the pic of DD and wow - how darlin' is she! Glad you convinced her to post it and I'm sure she's just as adorable as you are - like mother like daughter right? "wink"

    Hope your move goes well - HUGS!!!

  9. I love the butterfly card, the colors are so pretty and elegant. The second card is adorable!! Your daughter is very pretty, what a wonderful picture. I love the b&w photo!

  10. Lee, I am so impressed with your DD's picture! I'm really glad you persuaded her to share it with us. You must be so proud of her.

    Your card is just beautiful. I have read To Kill a Mockingbird a couple of times and still have a copy. It sure 'speaks' to me, too.

    I hope your moving day is going well! You're on my mind!

  11. Aw, your baby raffie is totally precious!

    Love the pic of DD - portraits are so special when you have some personality in them and she sure does. You are one lucky momma (but you already know that!).

  12. Hi Lee! Just checking in to see how your moving is going--all weekend and then some, I bet! I love your entry for Melanie's contest, so very precious! I'm just thrilled to hear about your newest endeavor, a SCS book club hostess! How totally cool! That might just be enough to get me to sign up too! I love to read, but don't do it nearly enough and this seems like a perfect incentive! I want to be involved with anything my great pal Lee is, so I might join in the fun! I am also thrilled to hear that you DD has given her approval to show her prom pics--I just know she's gorgeous inside and out-she has to be, she's yours! big hugs!

  13. Good luck on the move. Great cards too.

  14. That butterfly card is very soft and fluttery, like a butterfly!

    The baby giraffe is just adorable! Thanks for the marker tip, maybe I'll try cutting things out again now!


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