Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Challenge Cards and An Award!

Short post as I have sooooooooooooo much unpacking, cleaning AND stamping I've got to do!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!! And I need to run into town and get my new Gina K. and Melanie M. stuff that BETTER be in my PO Box!!!!! LOL I'll brave the foggy, drizzly, snowy rain!!! Yes, that's what you get at my altitude in CO at the end of May!!!!!

Here are some of the cards I made for various Challenges on the WishRAK forum at SCS. Seriously, not much time to post recipes, but then, I guess I don't post much of a recipe ever, do I???!!!! LOL They were lots of fun to make, but definitely not exactly how I'd like as working with that 1 hour time frame can be very limiting to me!!!!

Now.......this award has come around to me from my AWESOMELY Talented Friend Jessie!!! If you haven't checked out her amazing layered creations, you are missing something!!! She's also a DESIGNER!!!!! I'm so thrilled for her and so want to follow in her steps!!! Thanks for this award Jessie..........and this time I'll pick some fellow blogging stampers to pass it along to..........not that it's easy as I've already said just HOW MANY blogs I follow and love!!!!!

Jessie..........you show me how to fabulously bling up and detail my cards!! I LOVE your layers!
Carolina.......you SHARE the most beautiful projects and detailed tutorials!!
Donna..........you inspire me, not only with your talent and creativity, but your GIVING nature!
Linsey.........you ROCK with your "out of the box" thinking and spectacular creations!!
Laura.........you spotlight wonderful SU products and gorgeous cards!
Beth..........you're so talented and balance that so wonderfully with being a mama!!
Kerianne........you are my BUD!! When you do stamp and share........I love it!!!
Suzanne.......you're quilting and quilting design cards amaze me!!
Christi........you're a go-getter! You're creativity and beautiful cards are a treat!
Melanie.......HELLO?? Have you seen her blog?? A true Artiste!
Diane.........you're creativity and softer side to stamping, a spiritual gift to so many!!
Deb..........your creativity and kindness shines through your creations!
Susan.......you're sharing of creations, both yours and God's.......is amazing!!
Joan.........you're a new blogger, but amazing with your cards and sharing!!

Now..............I simply can't thank ALL of you enough for inspiring me!! And honestly..........every blog I visit deserves this award!!

Visit Diane's Blog for sure as she has a VERY fun and generous Blog Candy give-away right now!!!!

AND...............stay tuned, because as soon as I get back from the Post Office *****I***** am going to post my BLOG CANDY GIVE-AWAY!!!!!!!! You don't wanna miss this!!!!!!!!! :)

~ Have A Creative Day! ~


  1. Wow those cards are amazing!!!
    Congrats on your award,you so deserve it!!! Have fun unpacking,cleaning and don't forget to get to the post office!!

  2. I love them all, cute, pretty you've got it all covered. Thanks so much for the award and your sweet words!!

    I have tried and tried to subscribe to your blog, but it won't let me!! I never get the confirmation e-mail!! WAH!

    Hope you made it to the PO and your stuff was there and Hope you get all unpacked and settled in soon!!

  3. Lee ~ Your cards are gorgeous!!! Congratulations on getting the award! I hope you have fun playing with your new toys!

    Christi D.

  4. Oh My gosh, You ROCK, girlfriend! These cards are SO much fun, I love them! Your flamingo is FABulous! What super exciting stuff you've got going on too, movin' on in to your new craft room, I presume, *wink*, lol! You're just the best, my buddy! and you are so totally deserving of your award,much more so than myself. You are so very kind to put a little bit about each person you awarded! I'm SO lucky to know you! Hugs!!! thank you so much!

  5. Your cards are great. I like those two little girls...they're so cute. You're so sweet to pass the award on....thank you. I enjoy reading what you leave on my blog...it's uplifting and inspiring....and you can also make me laugh...woohoo!! Have fun unpacking! Joan

  6. Lee! You always make me feel soooo good! Thank you for this award. I am always so touched that you like my posts. The Lord sure has some wonderful creations, doesn't He?

    Your cards are fantabulous!! What an amazing cardmaker you are!!

  7. Wow - you have been busy! Love all the cards. Glad to see all this moving and the horrible weather you're having hasn't stopped you from creating such amazing cards!

    Thanks for the award and best of luck unpacking! HUGS!!!

  8. What fun, fun, fun cards! These are truly great!

  9. Wow-good to see that moving hasn't affected your mojo, m'dear! These are amazing! You do such a beautiful job of mixin' up the bling! Thanks, too, for the sweet award. I'm woefully behind on my blog-checks, but I'm tryin! Hugs to you, my friend!

  10. Lots more wonderful new cards- why am I not surprised?

    Love coming here to see all that you do.

  11. what awesome cards and thank you for the award shout out - you are so sweet!!!

  12. WOW...you have been such a busy crafter. :) I figure cleaning can always wait. Jennie


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