Monday, April 28, 2008

Quiz Fun!!!

Just a few fun and silly things to do!! I saw these Color Quizzes on Judy's Blog. It's only harder than you think because of the way they "officially" name some of the colors.........but still a hoot!!


What Your Favorite Color Pink Says About You:
Blissful --- Content --- Romantic
Idealistic --- Expressive --- Artistic
Funny --- Quirky --- Individualistic

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Oh yeah!!! This is completely me and hubby..................even the semi-rural area we live in now is too hectic and we're so looking forward to moving to our new house in an extremely rural mountain area in just a few more weeks!!!!!

You Should Live in the Country
You are laid back, calm, and good at entertaining yourself.
You don't need an expensive big city to keep you busy.
You'll take the peaceful life over the stressful life any day of the week.

Where Should You Live?

This one is true!! Although I **do** LOVE almost any kind of music to listen to...........Country is who I am!!

You Are Country Music
You are friendly, down to earth, and fairly conservative.
You are true to your friends and your upbringing. Change is hard for you.
But beneath your old fashioned attitude, you are expressive and artistic in your own way.
Very few people can express pain and pleasure as eloquently as you can.

What Kind of Music Are You? to check for challenges and get some stampin' time in tonite!!! Hope these were a fun little diversion!!! LOL


  1. Oh how fun! I've got to give this a try tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence buddy :) tonight i needed it

  3. Ha ha! I like your 'results'. I might do these another time - my computer time is limited at the moment due to having some house guests!

    Great to see your lovely creations, Lee. I do love that tree set - have got it and use it for 'solemn' occasions and to make masculine cards too. Yours looks beautiful. Those colours are so right.

    Clever woman!

  4. I am going to have to try these. Lets see how brain dead I am . :)

  5. Hey Lee!! Thanks so much for your wonderful comment! Glad to hear that you signed your donor card!!
    I'll add your blog to my blog friends if you don't mind!

  6. Too funny Lee! I like reading other's but I always argue they're wrong when I do them. I think there is just something between who I really am, and who I'd rather be LOL!


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