Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yesterday's Challenge and a TAG!

Howdy my friends!!! Oh the dang flu had me down a bit..........although I did try to keep up with the blog rounds and my moderating on the Splitcoast Flybaby section. Other than that........I was a bum! A sick bum though..............YUK!!! I'll spare you the details and just say I'm glad it was a 48 hour stomach bug and not anything more severe!! simply MUST check out these blogs with some amazing creations with Melanie's Just So Hoppy stamp set!!!! And the contest for submissions with these is still on through Saturday sometime!!! I love Donna's Playdough Gift Set!!!! And check out Carolina's Envelope Chickie Pouch!!!! Now look at Jessie's Springtime Froggy!!!! Now look at Markie's Mom's Hoppy Birthday!!!! They've all done so many amazing projects and cards..........but those were some of my very faves!!!! :) I know lots of others are using these stamps.......but I'm having a hard time keeping up on all the new blogs I'm being introduced to!! I don't mean to slight anyone...........I LOVE blog-hopping and enjoy all the sharing and creating I've seen!!!

I did manage yesterday's SCS Sketch Challenge..........I LOVE this sketch!! But I was very slow and then went back to bed!!! LOL Is that how you know you have an addiction??? There is just no energy to muster up for ANYthing.......except a card challenge??!!!! ;) Well, I decided to use all my paper (except the card base and the white for the image) out of one package of my Basic Grey - Oh Baby Girl dsp. I LOVE Basic Grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have I mentioned that once or twice or 100 times???? LOL Anyway...........really a simple card since I didn't have the stomach for anything difficult (pun intended!!). Just used my Priceless stamp set........totally love it!! And stamped an extra butterfly so I could have 3D wings and OF COURSE I glittered them!!!! I used Pretty In Pink and Bashful Blue ink. My hubby requested a card for their business associate who was just diagnosed with cancer, and I thought of something soft and shimmery. I also bought a little package of truffles to tuck inside.'ve been TAGGED!!! Actually Chrissy tagged me several days ago but life got crazy...........but it was fun, so here it is:

4 Jobs I've Had: Nanny, House-cleaning, Volunteer Firefighter/EMT, CPR Instructor

Movies I've Seen: We get fun stuff from Netflix......Innerspace, Monty Python, Sense & Sensibility, Ratatouille (movies, like music, is VERY eclectic for our family!!! LOL)

4 Places I've been: Disney World, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Roadtrips over most of the U.S.

4 Places I've lived: New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, Montana

4 TV Programs I watch: CSI, American Idol, I Love Lucy, The Amazing Race

4 Radio Shows I listen to: I don't really.......I just like music

4 Favorite Foods: Pasta, Bread, Cookies, Fruit (gee?? Is that why I have a weight problem???? LOL)

4 Places I'd Rather be: I LOVE home!!!!! :) Although I DO enjoy shopping and we are looking for a new house with some property!!

This is how I'm gonna TAG back...........anyone who's a fun're TAGGED!!!! :)


  1. So glad you're back on your feet, Lee. What a nasty virus that thing must have been. Take care and stay warm!

    Love your card - it's so soft and pretty and the little pearls down the side are just perfect. Hope the lady likes it - can't see why she wouldn't!

    Thanks for the new links to some favourite blogs. Am off to check them out.

    And thanks also for the new facts about you! Will think about the tag!

  2. oh,sorry to hear that you've had the icky bug! Glad you're feeling a little better today. This card is gorgeous, I didn't do the sketch yesterday, so I woulda missed it there anyway. Good thing I visit your fantasmic blog everyday! Thanks for feeling up to posting it today :) hugs~

  3. So happy to hear you are feeling a little better!!! Being sick is so not fun- cuts into your stamping/blurfing time!!LOL

    Super cute card, Don't you just love that paper!!LOL

    Thanks for putting a link to my card!!

  4. I LOVE this card!!! IT is soooo pretty!

  5. Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling good. Glad it only lasted 48 hours I got sick a few weeks ago and I was down for a week. Glad your doing better. Thanks for playing along with the tag it was great to get to know you better.

  6. Okay, I think I mentioned this to you over at SCS, but have to say that for being ill, you produced an amazing card - it really shows how wonderfully talented you are. Glad to know you're feeling better - TFS!

  7. Sorry, but forgot to thank you for your sweet comments about my Chick're awesome - big hugs!!!

  8. I love this card. So glad you are feeling better and are back to stamping. Even one day off is one day to many.....As to the 4 foods...doesn't the fruit cancel out the cookies, pasta and bread?????


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