Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'...........well, Stampin' for me!!!

I know.........I'm hit or miss with my Sunday Scrappin''s a hit!!!! :)

My Ta-Da's:

I got to make a card for the Featured Stamper Challenge on SCS!! I totally LOVE patterned paper!! LOVE it I say!!! So I used Whisper White as a base, and then various SU and Basic Grey papers. Also Chocolate Chip around the sentiment. I love my new Define Your Life stamp set!!! It's sooooooooo cool!!! A little bit of ribbon and a pearl brad to finish it!!!

I also cleaned up my stamp space!!!! I'm still working on re-organizing.......but at least it's all clean and I have some elbow room!!! Not lots as it's a small part of the living room........but STILL!!! Good thing too..........had to make room for my new Sizzix machine that I got cheap from Stamping the big, detailed stamps, like my House Mousies or DD's Thomas Kincaid, is easy now!!! :)

Now to work out organizing everything else. Oh they're all inside various containers, baskets, etc........just not sure it's exactly how I want them. And I'm still working on the Spreadsheet with all my stamps and tools along with df's stamps and tools so we can share!!! And know what each other has before purchasing!!! Cool, huh???!!

Well, the Bonus Question at Sunday Scrappin' for the week: Do you enjoy stamping with friends or alone? For me.........BOTH!!! With friends, as long as I don't have to cart everything I own!!!! But it's also fun and therapeutic to stamp alone!!

My To-Do's:

Finish Spreadsheet
Work some more on MIL's Recipes
Work on some Watermarks
Keep up with challenges
Work on some simpler card sets for gifts


  1. pretty card, I also love this set

  2. BEAUTIFUL card!! It's so pretty! Good for you getting your stamp area cleaned up - that's on my to do list too!

  3. What a pretty card! I don't have many stamps but I love seeing other people's work using them. How fun that you have a friend to share supplies with. Have a great week & yay for organizing progress!

  4. What an adorable card Lee! Love how shabby pretty it is.

    Lucky girl, you jealous, I spent pretty much all weekend nursing a cold and finishing up my taxes, so would have rather organized!

    To answer your question, I think I'm going to have to say both. There are time where I love the company, but I have such a cat personality, according to hubby, that I also need my alone creative time - KWIM?

  5. Love the card. Aren't Basic Grey papers the best? Congrats on getting organized and cleaned up. Have fun this week!

  6. Scrapping ServantMarch 3, 2008 at 4:02 PM

    I'm hit or miss too! I'm usually only a hit when I make it to a crop the Saturday before :o) Nice to "meet" you.

  7. so beautiful. glad you had time to make it--love the set and that lace and flower.

  8. Pretty card! Congrats on working on getting organized. I like your spreadsheet idea. I may have to do that.

  9. You've been busy. Great job! Congrats on getting organized...that is something I am always working on. lol :)

  10. I tagged you on my blog, check it when I get a chance.

  11. OH, Lee, you are so inspiring! I totally need to do some Spring cleaning and I want to figure watermark too...your to do list is a reminder for me, ha! I love your card here, it's just delightful! Congrats on your Sizzix purchase, how exciting! You know Sandi Genovese from DIY network? If so, she is constantly promoting the Sizzix machine and has all kinds of cool projects at the DIY website! You probably already know all this, but just in case, lol! I got to take a class from Sandi last year at the CK Convention in Seattle--it was so exciting! I even got a picture with her...she's so pretty! Anyhow, love your work today--just like everyday! can't wait to see your next creation! hugs!

  12. Way too cool card! Is that a border punch thingie laying on top or all dp? BEAUTIFUL!

    Girl, why oh why do we stay up late chasing each other all over 1,000 blogs...we should be stampin' together all night long! Maybe soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your PRECIOUS comments on my blog. I'm GLAD you're back in the running for the BC!!

  13. Lovely card, Lovelee! I hope we get this set in the new Oz catty coming out this month. And how good to get your scrappin' and stampin' space organised so it feels like you can stretch out a bit. And you have a new Sizzix machine too! I have one of those and a Cuttlebug on my wish list. Have been catching up on reading about changes in the SM world today but might get a chance to scrap tonight so I have soemthing new to show the workshop crowd tomorrow morning :-)

  14. Gorgeous card! :) Glad it was a "hit" day for Sunday Scrappin... or Sunday Stampin... or whatever you want to call it.

  15. Congrats on that Sunday HIT!

    I trust your week turns out equally as good.

    Expect Miracles...
    Shane Belceto

  16. Another gorgeous card Lee....and a they do that much more than a bug??? NO DON"T TELL ME I DON"T REALLY WANT TO KNOW! Have fun and when your stamp stuff is all organized can you come do mine????


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