Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our New House!! it is!!!! Unless something really awful goes wrong!! This is the house we have under contract and scheduled to close May 2!!!! That's only about 6 weeks away!!!! And why am I still stamping??????

The **most** important reason is that stamping IS my therapy!!!!! Completely!!!! And also, we aren't selling our current house. We'll wait until we're all moved into the new house and get to do some good cleaning and some painting and a few other odds and ends before we rent it out. So.........that means waaaaaaaaaay less stress for me!!! I don't have a date that I HAVE to be out of our house and can take my time!! :) Also........I refuse to pack my staming stuff!! LOL Seriously, we're only moving 2 hours (a bit less) away from where we are now. I'm just putting my craft stuff in my car and moving it and putting it in...........................get very own STAMP ROOM!!!!!!!!!!! It's a small room.................but still!!!!!!!!! It's MINE!!!!! Oh okay, dh's big file cabinet and a few boxes of paperwork, etc. will go in the closet.......but I suppose I can share a "tiny" bit with him!!!!

The kids will both be downstairs.........dd in the bedroom.......ds in the "bonus" room.......a bit bigger than dd's room, but a bit less privacy. Trust me.........he doesn't care about that NEARLY like she does!!! They'll share a bathroom and the family room down there will also be the homeschool area and have the new treadmill!!! OH!!!!!! There's also a mudroom/laundry room down there as you come thru the garage entrance!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! A garage!!!!!!!!! We haven't had a garage in years!!!!! Do you KNOW how often we have to scrape the windows in our winters??? And dh leaves for work at 4 fun!!! So worries!!!! And he'll mostly be working from home after the move anyway!!! Once a week into Denver for a while until he trains the other gal a bit more. Then once every 2 weeks usually.'s so pretty!! It's on 6.5 acres of wooded mountain!!! We'll border 1 property owner who has over 80 acres and his actual house is 1/4 mile away......then it's all Forest Service land!!! It's higher altitude than we are here too.........we're only at 7200-7300 feet now........this is almost at 8,000 feet! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! More snow!!! And there's a woodstove!! Have I bored you all yet??? Can you tell I'm S-U-P-E-R excited???!!!! If this ends up not going thru we told dd that she has to run the household and school her brother and dad and I will spiral into a depression!!! Not really..........but still!!! I'm hoping, hoping, hoping everything goes just right!!!

Okay.........I'm finished now........I only have this one picture to show right now.......but I'll take more when it's ours for sure!!!


  1. Lee!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I think your new house looks and sounds amazing!! How good that you found one you can love already!! Your own stamp room!! A garage!! A mudroom!! More snow!! I love it TOO!!!!

    I'm certainly doing a happy dance for you right now :-D

    More pics when you can, please?

  2. Congrats Lee...I'm so excited and happy for you!!! The house looks lovely and so smart to move over a bit at a time. We weren't so smart to do that two years ago and I swear I aged about ten years - LOL!

    So thrilled you're getting your own stamp it can be not only your therapy but your place to get away from it all.

    Can't wait to see the more pics of it!

  3. Congratulations! The house looks great. ~chris

  4. Congrats! How exciting. Prayers for a smooth closing on the house. Enjoy your new stamp room.

  5. Oh, Lee- it is SOOOOOO beautiful!!!

    I am thrilled for you that you could find a place so obviously suited to what you wanted. I hope everything goes great and wish you many years of happiness there!

  6. HUGE congrats! This looks awesome, enjoy, and best wishes in your new home! Pictures when you can!

  7. Ohhhh congrats girl!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!

  8. Congratulations lee! Your new house looks and sounds wonderful! I am so excited for you!! I don't blame you one bit for not packing your craft stuff. Hey a girl needs her craft toys!! LOL!

  9. sounds like it is going to be fantastic. :) Love the house...and what great space. I hope everything works out perfect....don't stress too much. I agree...I want to see a few more pics. Especially once you get your craft room organized. Jennie


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