Thursday, March 27, 2008

Melanie's TAG and a new Riley!!!

Lucky, lucky readers!!!!!! You get to learn 7 more Random Facts about me!!!! LOL Melanie tagged me.....and she has some absolutely impossible to top facts!!! But I'm sure I can still find a few new things that (most) of you don't know!!! ;)

1. Melanie just tempted me tooooo much on her recent comment here about my tattoo. SHE said she's surprised I only have one............well I DON'T just have one!!!!!!! I have TWO!!!! A girl just canNOT keep any secrets from her girlfriends, can she???? LOL know about my Memory Fairy above my right ankle........I also have a Blue Rose and Butterfly on my upper left chest. That was actually my first one......and a permanent reminder of my and dh's best friend who was killed. His last name was Rose.......hence, a blue rose!! Both of our kiddos loved him dearly and they each have one of his names added legally to their middle names also. I have struggled with this immensely........but it was the day after my and dh's wedding anniversary in June and it makes it a very bittersweet time. I'll try not to disappear then too as I can tend to do. The photos are of my tattoos........what do you think??? And yes, I DID shave my legs for this!!! LOL

Now to some happier facts...........whew!! If you know me I really hate being let's pep it up!!!!

2. I cannot handle spicy all!!! I used to before my pregnancies, but have never been able to in all the years since!

3. I love watching those Judge seriously........I have learned lots of little legal tidbits!!!

4. I'm an all-or-nothing person. I realllllllllllly try to work on this.........but I tend to either do something all the way or just totally neglect it!!!

5. I love to fish!! Okay, I love to hold the pole and read a book and have dh and ds bait the hook and do all the other stuff!! LOL my defense.........I USED to do all of it.......and not mind at all......I think I'm getting old.....or spoiled!!! LOL 'Cuz now I just want to be able to say, "I caught a fish!" and be finished!!!

6. I'm deathly afraid of heights!! Yes, I did manage to pass my Colorado State Firefighter exams....including the climbing up the ladder one story and "rescuing" someone..........but barely!!! Going anywhere near that railing/divider thingy at the mall on the second level is just not an option! I used to make the kids walk on the other side of me next to the store openings to be that far away from it!!! Now they love to look over the edge and freak me out!!!

7. I'm kind of a germ-aphobe. Not Howie Mandel or Monk bad..........but I DO always carry Antibacterial wipes with me!!!

Now aren't you all just soooooooooo wide awake and fascinated with me????!!!! ROFL Any new blogging buddies or any who've not been tagged yet..........consider yourself TAGGED!!!! for one of my newest Rileys!!!!!!! I got 9 of them.........but I just had to start with a summery feeling one!!! So here's Waterski Riley! And it's my very first Tent Topper card!!! I also used my new Tiny Bubbles CB Folder!! And some fun dp that was in the Blog Candy I won from Melanie!! And some funky sheer and blue ribbon!! Of COURSE I had to use a bit of stickles on the waves and do some piercing!!! LOL


  1. Wow Lee, what a toucing story about your best friend and what a wonderful thing for your children to "legally" have hime be part of them...just awesome!

    The spicy food thing, I can't relate, I think it's a latino thing...they must put it in our bottles as babies or something. But I do hear you about the all or nothing thing...I'm the same way which explains how little sleep I get.

    The germ phobe thing has gotten worse for me as I get older...not sure why that is though.

    Thanks for sharing a bit more about yourself!

    Lovin' your Riley card!!! Perfect with that background and you did a great job coloring him!

  2. Lee, thank you for sharing. Life sure sends us some hard knocks at times. I'm glad you had such a friend in your lives.

    And wow - the tattoos are amazing.

    Riley is really growing on me. Did you get the one we were talking about earlier in the piece? The one that could be pink? Lol!

    Take care today. AM thinking of you.

  3. Great tats!! (Hope you didn't feel too pressured to share the other!) So sorry to hear about your friend, he still lives through you and your family obviously...
    re spicy: poor thing! I gotta have my tex-mex!!
    sorry kids calling , mroe later!!

    thansk for playing

  4. Cool.....I didn't know you had tatooes....I have thought about it but haven't done that yet. Love your card. Jennie

  5. Your an amazing women! Thank you for sharing more tidbits about you, this is fun! I love your tattoos. I would love to get a mickey mouse tattoo but I am so afraid of needles. What a touching story about your best friend.

    Love your card!

  6. Your card is soooooooo cute!!! That ribbon is fabulous!!! Your 7 facts were wonderful too. I love that you honored your friend by changing your kids names. My stepday or second dad as I like to call him passed away a week after my birthday and I know that when I have a son, he will share his name. I have two tattoos too, although one is in serious need of some repair work. I was a little, oh let's call it, preoccupied when I got it, and it kind of sucks!!! I am with you with the all or nothing, my mom is the same way too. I guess that explains why I own so much stuff!! I gotta have it all, ya know!! Never been a germ a phob, but I am terribly OCD about other things. And I am with Carolina, can't agree on the spicy thing, I love spicy. Give me some hot wings, and I am in heaven!! Thanks for sharing some more stuff about you!!

  7. Mark me with those that love spicy! As to the tattoos....they are very pretty but I think I will leave getting then to you and the younger set...I don't have any germ phobias (in fact I've always said the reason my kids get sick so rarely is that they developed a resistance to germs as children. Living in our house they had to in order to survive.)but I do have a phobia to needles piercing my body.

    Thanks for sharing more about yourself with us all.

  8. GREAT Riley card!!!

    I loved reading your 7 random facts. I really love that you share so much with all of us- the happy and the sad.

  9. Love the tidbits of info!!

    Your Riley is adorable

  10. say what??? you have a tattoo??!! hummmm....I don't know about that! LOL Ok...I have one - ok...truth is...I have 2 :) BUT..1 is covered up by the other one. 1st one the 2nd one covers up the 1st one. I sometimes totally forget I even have a tattoo. I don't think I'm the tattoo type, but ha ha I guess I was at some point :) As I get older my "flower" on my shoulder is starting to wilt! LOL


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