Friday, March 21, 2008

Hippy Hippos!!!!

Oh yeah.........................still absolutely LOVIN' my Hippy's!!!! :) We're off early in the morning.........errrrr, ummmmm, like in 4 hours actually!!!! LOL We're meeting the Inspector at the new house......if nothing major is wrong then the house is a GO!!!!

So just a couple of quick posts.......I had to get my Gina K. Recipe Swap cards finished, so I missed a couple of challenges......but I should catch back up!! And I really do love these Hippos!!! So my recipe is Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese. It's sooooo yummmmmy!!! I always get begged to bring this to any and all pot-lucks and gatherings!!! It is NOT cholesterol or diet friendly in the least!!! LOL But a little bit is super deeeeeelish!!! I'll admit you need to add your own salt.......I really don't like to specify as it's such an individual preference!! I used Basic Grey (obviously! LOL) and Basic Gray!!! ***grin*** Yup.....just crackin' myself up at 3:30 a.m.!!! I used Melanie's Just So Hippy set and just one word of a House Mouse sentiment. Do you think my mac&cheese colored hippo is okay??? I couldn't resist.......but I sure hope it's not too weird!!! Ummmm....I do not know the color of that SU yellow, but the Orange is non-SU. Pumpkin Pie ribbon and ink. Just a touch of stickles!!

Now THIS was my latest adorable idea!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Like how I phrased that???!!!! ROFL Okay, then.......just how many Fairy Hippos have YOU seen???? Most of you know that I LOVE my bling!!! And PINK!! And I'm corresponding with a very special 11 yr. old girl right now who's battling this is especially for her!! And she loves pink too!!! I saw this Fairy Sentiment stamp at my LSS and loved it!!! Ready for a little-known fact about me??? I have a Fairy Tattoo!! Above my right ankle. She's sitting on a crescent moon and has red hair!! Betcha wouldn't have ever thought THAT of me, would you??? I sure hope I didn't scare anyone away!!! That was my only rebellious move EVER...........even if it was just last year!!!! Well, this card uses more Basic Grey.......cannot get enough of that dp!!! And primas and glitter and pearls and ribbon and piercing!! Just going for girlie and dreamy and happy!!!

Have a WONDERFUL Friday to kick start a lovely..............or shall I say LUVLEE...........weekend!!!!!


  1. Lol, Lee!! Your macaroni and cheese hippo is so 'right'!! You couldn't have coloured her any other colour for this recipe card!! My only problem is I cannot see the recipe because the card won't open in a new window when I click on it - if you ever get a chance, would you mind emailing me the recipe??

    And a FAIRY HIPPO?? Well, I guess I have seen ballerina hippos before, so why not fairies! Your 11yo friend is going ot love this. It's really funny and sweet :-) And yes, I did not expect you to have a tattoo, but it will take more than that to scare me away!!

    Hope you are having a blessed Easter.

  2. I'm with you Susan...any chance of getting this recipe?

    This is just super, Lee! Love how you used your colors here...and the fairy hippo! This is absolutely wonderful! What a blessing you are to this young girl. Take good care and have a blessed filled Easter.

  3. I absolutely am in love with your fairy hippo! I know the young girl you are sending it to will love it as well.

  4. oh how your fairy hippo--and congrats on the house! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Best of luck with your house inspection. Your Mac & Cheese sounds yummy. I love your cards. I adore the fairy hippy. you are so creative. Your little friend is going to love it, it will brighten her day.


  6. I wish I was in the recipe swap! It came out so cute. I love your Fairy Hippo & all the glitter. Yea, I would have thought you had a tattoo - cause you're a cool chick!

  7. Happy Easter to you and your family, Lee! Bless you!

  8. I LOVE the hippos!! :) And you naughty girl...a tattoo??? LOL I'm one to talk...I have a tribal band on my lower back. Big college mistake...don't tell anyone ok? *wink* :)

  9. Love, love, love you hippo cards! the fairy hippo is my fav but the mac hippo is right clever you are my dear!

    And the tattoo - sounds so cute! Love to know that little fact about, I have two, one on my ankle, and and one my back. The one on my ankle is an Ankh (Egyptian symbol that means life), but with crazy hair - so it's my version of life with a bad hair day. The one on my shoulder is a cat sort of Audrey Hepburnish from Breakfast at Tiffany's drinking a latte at a cafe...I'll have send you a pic, cause the explanation doesn't do it justice.

    I know wouldn't have figured that about me either huh? And I'm thinking of one more - a cupcake of course, but haven't found the right one quite yet.

    Hope all went well with the house inspection!!!

  10. These are both ADORABLE, and although I resemble that hippo but and LOVE mac and cheese, I don't think that hippo looks bad with the recipe at all.

    The pink one -- absolutely PIMPED my gf, and I am sure that sweet 11-year-old girl will LOVE it! I know I sure do. Hope you have a terrific weekend. Don't color your fingers to the bone on those HM SOTMs. :) Your HM sistah!! :) Kelly

  11. A fairy hippo?? And a mac & cheese hippo?? *gasp* Now I bet Melanie will just love that! LOL!

    Very fun cards indeed... :-)

  12. Love the hippos!

    So, how did the inspection go????

  13. I was thinking about yummy slow cooked mac and cheese tand then scroled won to the FAIRY!!!whcih got a a bigLOL handd clap! That's aweomseon! I heart fairies!! Actually I'm a little surprised you hve only one tat! Would it surprise you I have none???! I little odd, for a stamp designer who makes heart and flower tats for hippo butts!

    I'd love that to have that recipe, too! (shoulda swapped, doh!)

  14. I think a mac and cheese hippo sounds wonderful!!LOL
    Love this and I LOVE the fairy Hippo, sooo sweet!!Hope everything went okay with the house!!

  15. Okay, the fairy hippo is just too funny! You are hilarious! And a mac & cheese hippo? You really get creative in the middle of the night! LOL! I love both of these! ;)


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