Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Color Challenge for MIL and a Surprise RAK!!

Okay.........first I have to say this.........I have THE most amazing SCS and Blogging friends!!! Tomorrow I will be posting some amazing cards and gifts I've received!!!! Oh and............I'm making some cards to send out........and since y'all peek in here (and I certainly don't want you to stop!!! LOL) I'm not posting pics of them so they'll really be a surprise in your mailboxes!!!! :)

Now............I will share this FUN Cell Phone charm that my blogging friend and fellow Just So Hippy and Hoppy nut (ROFL.....that's actually a compliment!!!!) Donna!!!! She totally surprised me with this very FUN and bright charm!!! And my old one broke from my old I haven't had one since I got my new phone!!! I all are just so sad for me!! LOL But isn't it cool??!!!! Thanks Donna!!! As you can see, it's on my phone!!!

And here's my SCS Color Challenge card from today. We were to use Soft Sky, Basic Gray and Whisper White. I also used Basic Black. I used Soft Sky ribbon.......but I don't know that I'm thrilled with the way I used it?? I colored the stamp and spritzed it so I could get that Watercolor look. It's my first card with the new Gina K. Spring Blooms stamp set! I had to share the photo of one of the kitties I was going to use as a background......but the light was too yellow and the card was too far away.........but isn't she a cutie??!!!! I wanted to make a special card for my very special Mother In Law. She's closer than a regular, run of the mill MIL...........LOL!! So I used Mom In Law!! She's been a fantastic mom and grandma!! She's raised 8 wonderful kids (I should know........I married her youngest boy!!) and helped raise and love 21 grandkids and 3 great grandkids!! She and my wonderful FIL have been happily married for over 52 years!! Both are still active and loving!! In fact, tomorrow they'll be going with us to the new house with the Inspector's report and a Roofer to make some last-minute adjustments to the contract as there are some repairs needed. Dad is going to check up on the Inspector and tell us what he can help with to save us money. Yes.........he's over 70 and an active construction worker.......he's a supervisor on the Southern Colorado Habitat For Humanity!!! I LOVE my in-laws!! They really have helped heal the lack of parental love I grew up with!!

I hope to be back in time to do the sketch challenge and keep you all posted on this cool house!!!


  1. How wonderful to have some good blogging buddies - you are one of those, you know, for me!

    I love your phone charm. Donna is a sweetie, I think!

    I cannot see anything wrong with anything you did on your colour challenge card. It's pretty and you've used the ribbon in a new way for me - I like it.

    And I LOVE your kitty!!!

    Also, your in-laws sound fantastic. I'm so happy you have them in your life, Lee.

    Now I know you asked em soemthing but do you think I can remember what it was?? Will come back later and post again after I re-check my blog comments...

  2. Oh, I know! I know! You asked about the bowling I referred to on my mini album post :-D No, it isn't 10 Pin bowling that I meant. It's Lawn Bowls - have you heard of it? Have a look here for an explanation, if you like:

  3. Love the card -- especially the way you criss crossed the ribbon!!

  4. Cool bling for your phone!! Way to go, Donna (not sure who she is, but she seems like a GREAT friend). We all need some of those. I am sure you MIL will LOVE the card, and hope you have a great inspection. What terrific PILs you have. God bless. Take care! :) Kel

  5. I think it is beautiful!!! You did a wonderful job with it!!Glad to see you back!!

  6. You did a great job with the color challenge! Love the criss-cross ribbon behind your image.

    So glad you have such wonderful in-laws and that they're so happy to help you all out with your new house which by the way, I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see more pics of it.

    Hope your pain has gone away. Hugs!

  7. Ooh, this cat reminds me of my childhood! (we had siamese cats)...

    To answer your question (the comment you left on my blog, since I don't have your e-mail I'm highjacking your comment...) I have been a friend of Erika through Live Journal before discovering her papercraft blog. A friend, who had both of us on her friend's list, got us in touch because of our sons both having autism, beginning of last summer, just when I was starting to discover papercraft myself, funny huh!?

  8. I'm so glad you like your cell phone charm!! It looks great with your phone-glad I chose those colors. Your kitty is pretty, love your card (the criss-cross ribbon is cool, like you) and I have in-laws like that too! But, I also had a wonderful dad (died when I was 9) and mom (died when I was 25) so I am blessed with another 2 sets (but my step-father in law died in 2001) I had him for 4 years though. Glad to hear things are moving along with your house!

  9. What a lovely card!!! The ribbon looks great !!

  10. LOL, kitty likes your card too! It's so lovely, Lee--luvlee, just like you, t-hehehe! Your MIL is sure to adore it! Your in-laws sound like amazing individuals, I love Habitat For Humanity, what a inspiration he is! And they are just a blessed to have you for a DIL cuz I happen to know that you a pretty darn fabulous yourself! Oh, that cell phone charm is the cutest! And Donna is one big sweetheart too! hugs and tfs!


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