Monday, March 31, 2008

I HATE Being Sick!!

It's such a bummer......being sick. And bronchitis hurts to breathe and cough........and yet, it's not like I can choose to NOT breathe!!!! LOL's a quick post of a card I did for yesterday's SCS challenge...........ScrapNExtras. This is Laura.....a brand new blogging friend for me!! Her blog is amazing!! So is her SCS was great fun to browse!! Well, I chose a monochromatic card of hers to CASE......I kept the layout very similar......but I just had to my corners and piercing!! LOL I'm sure hoping to get to today's challenge as it looks waaaaaaaaaaay cool and is a new technique for me..........but I'm sooooo not feeling good enough to sit up to my table and be creative!! Oh well...........I can always catch up on that one!! I hope you all are healthy and enjoying Spring. We got some snow last I suppose it's just as well I'm snuggled in and sent hubby out for my prescriptions. Thank goodness my kids are teenagers and can help the house still function!! I promise I'll catch up on all my blog-hopping soon!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lots of Stampin' Time Today!!!

Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! This will be a quick post, but with 3 different card designs!!! I got to stamp lots today........dh felt a bit better and the kids had the day to just chill out. I got my March House Mouse SOTM cards all done and ready to send out. I also got to yesterday's challenge and today's!!

I just love my House Mousies!!! I also love second favorite flower!!! I used my favored Prisma Pencils and OMS technique! And just a bit of Crystal Effects on the rain drops!!

This week's Limited Supplies Challenge was to use unloved embellies.........and these polka dotted petals sure caught my eye quite some time ago......and then I never could figure out how to use them?? So this challenge was the oooomph I needed! And adding a little bling-bling always makes cards better, eh???!!! LOL

Today's Inspiration Challenge was to find something in your own home that inspired a card design! I loved this new hat box type container I got at Hobby it was my inspiration!! And I totally LOVE my SU Priceless stamp set!!!

Allrighty..........I've got to get a bit of sleep and then I'll be BACH!!!! LOL

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Melanie's TAG and a new Riley!!!

Lucky, lucky readers!!!!!! You get to learn 7 more Random Facts about me!!!! LOL Melanie tagged me.....and she has some absolutely impossible to top facts!!! But I'm sure I can still find a few new things that (most) of you don't know!!! ;)

1. Melanie just tempted me tooooo much on her recent comment here about my tattoo. SHE said she's surprised I only have one............well I DON'T just have one!!!!!!! I have TWO!!!! A girl just canNOT keep any secrets from her girlfriends, can she???? LOL know about my Memory Fairy above my right ankle........I also have a Blue Rose and Butterfly on my upper left chest. That was actually my first one......and a permanent reminder of my and dh's best friend who was killed. His last name was Rose.......hence, a blue rose!! Both of our kiddos loved him dearly and they each have one of his names added legally to their middle names also. I have struggled with this immensely........but it was the day after my and dh's wedding anniversary in June and it makes it a very bittersweet time. I'll try not to disappear then too as I can tend to do. The photos are of my tattoos........what do you think??? And yes, I DID shave my legs for this!!! LOL

Now to some happier facts...........whew!! If you know me I really hate being let's pep it up!!!!

2. I cannot handle spicy all!!! I used to before my pregnancies, but have never been able to in all the years since!

3. I love watching those Judge seriously........I have learned lots of little legal tidbits!!!

4. I'm an all-or-nothing person. I realllllllllllly try to work on this.........but I tend to either do something all the way or just totally neglect it!!!

5. I love to fish!! Okay, I love to hold the pole and read a book and have dh and ds bait the hook and do all the other stuff!! LOL my defense.........I USED to do all of it.......and not mind at all......I think I'm getting old.....or spoiled!!! LOL 'Cuz now I just want to be able to say, "I caught a fish!" and be finished!!!

6. I'm deathly afraid of heights!! Yes, I did manage to pass my Colorado State Firefighter exams....including the climbing up the ladder one story and "rescuing" someone..........but barely!!! Going anywhere near that railing/divider thingy at the mall on the second level is just not an option! I used to make the kids walk on the other side of me next to the store openings to be that far away from it!!! Now they love to look over the edge and freak me out!!!

7. I'm kind of a germ-aphobe. Not Howie Mandel or Monk bad..........but I DO always carry Antibacterial wipes with me!!!

Now aren't you all just soooooooooo wide awake and fascinated with me????!!!! ROFL Any new blogging buddies or any who've not been tagged yet..........consider yourself TAGGED!!!! for one of my newest Rileys!!!!!!! I got 9 of them.........but I just had to start with a summery feeling one!!! So here's Waterski Riley! And it's my very first Tent Topper card!!! I also used my new Tiny Bubbles CB Folder!! And some fun dp that was in the Blog Candy I won from Melanie!! And some funky sheer and blue ribbon!! Of COURSE I had to use a bit of stickles on the waves and do some piercing!!! LOL

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Color Challenge for MIL and a Surprise RAK!!

Okay.........first I have to say this.........I have THE most amazing SCS and Blogging friends!!! Tomorrow I will be posting some amazing cards and gifts I've received!!!! Oh and............I'm making some cards to send out........and since y'all peek in here (and I certainly don't want you to stop!!! LOL) I'm not posting pics of them so they'll really be a surprise in your mailboxes!!!! :)

Now............I will share this FUN Cell Phone charm that my blogging friend and fellow Just So Hippy and Hoppy nut (ROFL.....that's actually a compliment!!!!) Donna!!!! She totally surprised me with this very FUN and bright charm!!! And my old one broke from my old I haven't had one since I got my new phone!!! I all are just so sad for me!! LOL But isn't it cool??!!!! Thanks Donna!!! As you can see, it's on my phone!!!

And here's my SCS Color Challenge card from today. We were to use Soft Sky, Basic Gray and Whisper White. I also used Basic Black. I used Soft Sky ribbon.......but I don't know that I'm thrilled with the way I used it?? I colored the stamp and spritzed it so I could get that Watercolor look. It's my first card with the new Gina K. Spring Blooms stamp set! I had to share the photo of one of the kitties I was going to use as a background......but the light was too yellow and the card was too far away.........but isn't she a cutie??!!!! I wanted to make a special card for my very special Mother In Law. She's closer than a regular, run of the mill MIL...........LOL!! So I used Mom In Law!! She's been a fantastic mom and grandma!! She's raised 8 wonderful kids (I should know........I married her youngest boy!!) and helped raise and love 21 grandkids and 3 great grandkids!! She and my wonderful FIL have been happily married for over 52 years!! Both are still active and loving!! In fact, tomorrow they'll be going with us to the new house with the Inspector's report and a Roofer to make some last-minute adjustments to the contract as there are some repairs needed. Dad is going to check up on the Inspector and tell us what he can help with to save us money. Yes.........he's over 70 and an active construction worker.......he's a supervisor on the Southern Colorado Habitat For Humanity!!! I LOVE my in-laws!! They really have helped heal the lack of parental love I grew up with!!

I hope to be back in time to do the sketch challenge and keep you all posted on this cool house!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Pimp'd Up ATC Swap and..........OUCH!!!!

Oh yeah......I am certainly not one to miss out on a swap with BLING!!! Actually on the House Mouse stamp of the month thread we were talking about Bling and how some of us...............ahem...........are addicted to it!! LOL So one of the bud Kelly.....started an ATC Swap for those of us who can't resist "pimpin'" up our cards!!!! ROFL

I started out with a completely different idea than I actually ended up with!! That's not such a surprise though for me!! Sometimes I just can't get an idea to gel.....and I have to think up another plan!! I used a new set (that I OF COURSE bought on impulse!!) that's called Luv Bugs!! This little buggie just looked like she'd look GOOD in bling!!! Then I couldn't help but add even a bit more bling to the corners!! What do ya think?????? for the OUCH!!! I did something to my neck/shoulder and it's quite painful and I have periods of "frozen-ness" my word?? LOL Anyway......with health issues I really don't like getting into......I really try to avoid pain meds now. But I've had to take some ibuprofen and then just lay the heating pad on my neck. I obviously still did a little stamping so I could finish these ATC's. But I haven't been able to work on any challenges in the last couple of days and man AM I BUMMED!!!!!! I miss doing them and I miss all my Challenge Buddies!!!!! You all haven't forgotten me yet, have you???? Okay, that sounds pitiful!! LOL Here's to a good night's sleep and me getting to do tomorrow's challenge card!!!! If I don't have to get dh to the doc.....poor guy! My teens and a friend staying here, have been awesome!! I love my kiddos!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hippy Hippos!!!!

Oh yeah.........................still absolutely LOVIN' my Hippy's!!!! :) We're off early in the morning.........errrrr, ummmmm, like in 4 hours actually!!!! LOL We're meeting the Inspector at the new house......if nothing major is wrong then the house is a GO!!!!

So just a couple of quick posts.......I had to get my Gina K. Recipe Swap cards finished, so I missed a couple of challenges......but I should catch back up!! And I really do love these Hippos!!! So my recipe is Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese. It's sooooo yummmmmy!!! I always get begged to bring this to any and all pot-lucks and gatherings!!! It is NOT cholesterol or diet friendly in the least!!! LOL But a little bit is super deeeeeelish!!! I'll admit you need to add your own salt.......I really don't like to specify as it's such an individual preference!! I used Basic Grey (obviously! LOL) and Basic Gray!!! ***grin*** Yup.....just crackin' myself up at 3:30 a.m.!!! I used Melanie's Just So Hippy set and just one word of a House Mouse sentiment. Do you think my mac&cheese colored hippo is okay??? I couldn't resist.......but I sure hope it's not too weird!!! Ummmm....I do not know the color of that SU yellow, but the Orange is non-SU. Pumpkin Pie ribbon and ink. Just a touch of stickles!!

Now THIS was my latest adorable idea!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Like how I phrased that???!!!! ROFL Okay, then.......just how many Fairy Hippos have YOU seen???? Most of you know that I LOVE my bling!!! And PINK!! And I'm corresponding with a very special 11 yr. old girl right now who's battling this is especially for her!! And she loves pink too!!! I saw this Fairy Sentiment stamp at my LSS and loved it!!! Ready for a little-known fact about me??? I have a Fairy Tattoo!! Above my right ankle. She's sitting on a crescent moon and has red hair!! Betcha wouldn't have ever thought THAT of me, would you??? I sure hope I didn't scare anyone away!!! That was my only rebellious move EVER...........even if it was just last year!!!! Well, this card uses more Basic Grey.......cannot get enough of that dp!!! And primas and glitter and pearls and ribbon and piercing!! Just going for girlie and dreamy and happy!!!

Have a WONDERFUL Friday to kick start a lovely..............or shall I say LUVLEE...........weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lovely Flowers!!

Howdy, Howdy!!!

Well, first......let me thank, thank, THANK my wonderful blogging/SCS friend Carolina for a fantastic surprise I found in my mailbox!!! I've been admiring the SCS Rub Ons on so many beautiful projects I've seen and guess what she sent me?? YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! A brand new package of them!!! OH MY!!!!! Are they ever gorgeous!!!!!! Now.....I know I need more practice......and LOTS of it!!! LOL But this is the first project I made with them.......I used the black ones and put them on this lovely bud vase I picked up at Michael's!! I do love this.....and can't wait to try them out on lots of different projects!! are soooo sweet!!!!

I also just loved this very cool Sketch Challenge for today!! I was in a very floral mood today and so happy to use another of my new Gina K. stamp sets!! I used Carolyn King's gorgeous Framed Flowers. I just inked the "friend" of one of the phrases and stamped it right next to the flowers. I used more Basic Grey designer paper...........LOVE that stuff!!! And Linsey inspired me to use my new Periphery BG with her BEAUTIFUL Tin!!! I used Brocade Blue and Old Olive c/s and this time I did my piercing but did some faux stitching!! I had to add a "little" bit of bling....but controlled myself so as not to overwhelm the softness of this card!! I just used some pearls!! Back to working on more swaps to finish up!!!! :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

A New Technique and 7 Random Facts!!

First.......a very FUN challenge for today's Try A New Technique SCS challenge. We were to ink the "negative" side of a Cuttlebug folder and then put our piece of c/s in and run it thru the Cuttlebug. I admit.....I saw the Kub (Kurtis) do this as soon as he got his Cuttlebug because his brain is ALWAYS thinking!!! LOL But I hadn't actually tried it myself until this challenge was posted! I don't know why's SUPER easy!!! And sure does make a wonderful look!!! I used Lavendar Lace and then Black and White c/s along with some WONDERFUL Basic Grey dsp. I love it!!!!! I used Cammie's new set Framed Flowers and used the watercolor technique. Just a little bit of decorating with piercing, ribbon "tied" around the bouquet and some rain drops. I didn't put a sentiment on the front as I really just liked the look of the flowers framed in the center!! all have GOT to check out this "Hippy" and "Hoppy" card by Barb.........and tell me just how absolutely CREATIVE and ADORABLE, etc, etc. this is!!!!

And 7 Random facts as I was tagged by Jessie.....aka Knightrone on SCS. Oh go check out her blog.........she's AMAZING!!!! Here ya go Jessie:

1. I wanted to be a writer or a chef. Now I get to do both!! I write for books or stories or things like my dd who wants to be an author. Just free-writing.......and by hand.......I find it very relaxing and cathartic. I also do lots of cooking!!!

2. I used to be HORRIBLY shy!!! Yeah, I know.....ME!!!??? LOL I grew out of it after I married a shy man and had 2 very shy children and I needed to be the one to make friends for all of us!! Thankfully my hubby and kids have gotten a bit better........but I know I sure have lots more fun than when I was shy!!!

3. I want to publish a book of poetry or recipes!! Or both!! LOL The recipe book really that I'm planning on doing is the Heirloom Recipe book with dh's mom and family. At least we know family will buy copies!!! LOL

4. I'm a shopping addict........yep!! I've had to be really aware of that as I spend when I'm down and that's soooooo not a good habit to pass along to the kiddos!!

5. I don't like bananas! Very strange and random fact, eh??!!! LOL

6. I LOVE Doris Day movies!!! No.......I am NOT that old!!! LOL My grandparents watched them and so I'd sit with them to enjoy their company and got hooked!!! Now my dd loves them too!!!

7. I'm actually allergic to our pets!! Not life-threateningly or that severe........but enough to need allergy meds sometimes........but they're worth it!!! (usually!! LOL)

Okay..........I'm terrible at Tagging I'll throw out another "if you can think of 7 fun facts you'd like to share".......then please do!!!! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hanna Swap Cards!

Oh I've been so enjoying the SCS Challenges and my new Gina K. and Melanie Muenchinger stamps that I've totally put these swap cards off! So I made myself take a break from the challenges (a VERY short break, trust me!!!!). But I got into a very Riley Moose mood tonite and here they are!!! It helps that it's snowing outside and I really enjoyed coloring in Coffee Riley and making more wintery cards!!! I used Kraft paper and Basic Grey dsp. And the swirl on the inside card is from the Basic Grey Two Scoops stamp set!! And then Riley Moose by Hanna Stamps. I {{{heart}}} Riley soooooo much!!! Rumors are that his sweetheart Sophie Moose will be arriving soon!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! I decided to make a Criss Cross card......I just love those!! I also used my new Flourishes stamp set for the little cupcake on the tag! Can you tell I just plain had fun making these tonite??! I have several swaps still due........but I told myself I could do another challenge or two first!!! LOL I'm totally addicted to these wide satin ribbons I got at Michael's........they're just sooooo pretty!!! Allrighty.........back to my Hot Cocoa and snuggle time with dh!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Day, Another Tin!!!!! :)

Just a quick post and dash as I REALLY must work on several swaps that are due soon!!! And with moving in 6 weeks also on the's gonna get caaaaa-razy!!!! Oh, but I will relieve your stampin' stuff is NOT getting all!!! NOPE!! It's getting hand-carried, one basket and container at a time to my car.......straight into my new Stampin' Room!!! I will be stamping the day before we move and the day after!!! After's my very sanity!!! I mean honestly.......would you pack up your Heart Pills????

Okay........quick Coffee Break tin!!! These are so fun and quick!!! Did I say that already???!! LOL This one I made for an elderly lady at church whom I take to doc appts and shopping. She's sad I'm moving and I wanted to give her a little pick-me-up!! She loves coffee and chocolate!! And I LOVE pink and brown!!! And also this Basic Grey dp called Blush is to die for!!!!! IMO.....especially for chocolate-y projects!!! Just use Melanie's stamp set What's In Your Tin 2. Seriously, that's it!!! And then I put in a little Hazelnut Coffee-Bag (kinda like a tea bag) and some Hazelnut Flavor packages, a stirrer and a Coffee-flavored Chocolate or two. I'll be putting a Starbuck's Gift Card in before I give it to her!!

Stay tuned for more Tins!!! And be sure to let me know if you make some so I can see more fantastic Tinny Ideas!!!! LOL

Friday, March 14, 2008

My First Wristy!!!!!!!!!!!

Loooooookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Melanie!!!!!! THANK YOU for such fun, fun and versatile gift stamp sets chock full of endless possibilities!!!!!!! Oh was this soooooooo fun and easy-peasy!!! Just like Mel said!! Note: I did not believe it would be that easy for me.....after all, my last name IS Murphy!!!!! LOL But truly.........simple and fast and just really fun to design and create!!! My brain is totally spinning with all kinds of ideas for these!!!!

I decided to make a little gift for one of my **surprise** SCS packages that will be going out soon!! So what to fill it with???? PRIMAS!!!!!! Don't we all just love them???!!! Okay, well, I LOVE any and all (mostly ALL!!) embellies!!! So I picked out some gorgeous Basic Grey fave at the moment!! I stamped the first layer and cut it out, then stamped the second with the exact same design along with one of the sentiments on the Vellum layer. to attach vellum??? I know, that stuff they sell that is "supposed" to be invisible for tacking down vellum is sooooooooo NOT!!! So I used these tiny, baby snot dots!! They're sooooo awesomely thin and little!! I don't know if you can tell in these photos, but I put them where there was a design so they wouldn't be very noticeable!!! They just look a bit like the Rain Drops underneath the vellum!!! Then doubled up some ribbon so it would look a little bit more fancy! Added a few Primas with some BLING!!!!! I just ****knew**** you were waiting for me to mention the bling!!!!!!!!!! LOL But you'll notice I did use just a bit of bling!!

Oh.......I found a measurement for lining the and bottom.........Cut out a piece of whatever dp or lining paper you want for the inside of your Tin. I used 3 5/8 x 2 1/4 for the top and 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 for the bottom. Just use your corner rounder and VOILA!!!!!!! PERFECT FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that?????!!!!!! Oh I will admit to a slight mistake...........a total DUH moment!! You know the cute little ribbon actually made to go around your wrist?????? It's too tiny!!!!!! Of course I didn't think to measure THAT out!!!! LOL Well............what do y'all think??????? I know I'm in love with making these little treasure tins!!!!!!!!


Oh yeah!!!!!!!! I got my new acrylic stamps I ordered from Flourishes..........a member company on SCS. My first time ordering from them......and they were FAST!!!! I ordered the Cake Decorating set and the Bon Bon set! Of course!! LOL I only made simple cards because the last 2 challenges on SCS were to keep things pretty simple. The first challenge was PP Here, PP There, PP Everywhere. We could ONLY use patterned paper.....except for the card base. I did use white cardstock for the base, but everything else is designer paper from SU called Berry Bliss. This is one of my faves!! Pink and brown and chocolately yummy!!!! I cut out the cake image and used stickles to "ice" the cake. I used lots of stickles actually!!! I was using it as a crutch since I couldn't stamp the image onto white cardstock and color in lots of detail!!

This next challenge was Tool Free. I have to say I really thought about skipping this one.......I mean really.............NO PAPER PIERCER even!!!!!!! Okay, so I decided that the challenges are really challenges and are supposed to get us out of our little comfort zones!!! This card actually came together pretty quickly.......which totally surprised me!!! But then, using a Gruffies image can make up for a LOT!!!!! They're just so dang cute!!!!!!! AND......I only used my paper cutter and a pair of scissors for tools!!! But I DID use bling!!!! The sentiment also comes from one of the Flourishes sets.

Now.............I have a fantastic little bit of news............our little kitty came home!!!!!!!!! She's been gone for 3 days............and that's almost always a death sentence in my neck of the woods!! And she's one of our littler ones!! We have 4 kitties.......and they all are bonded to dd. And she's a complete cat person!!! So she was very sad.......even though we've been through this and she accepted it and did not blame me. But I did!! I'd been careless with the dog door since she'd been caterwauling and thought if she got out maybe she'd play a bit and come back in. Boy was I ever sorry!!! So.......back in for good she stays!! And I ran around and woke everyone up to celebrate!!! DS was glad........then promptly fell back asleep, DH was confused then glad........then promptly fell back asleep!! DD was awake and just smiled ear to ear!!!! WHEW!!! Now I can give back the "bad mom of the year" award!!! Thanks for "listening"!! (Like you had a choice???!!!!) LOL

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gina K. Release Party Challenges and A Fun Blog Candy Win!!!

The party was soooooo fun.........but I know I already blabbed all about this will be a quick post just to show the challenge cards I did. I had really wanted to try challenge #2.......but it was a 12x12 scrapbook page layout and all my scrappin' stuff is still packed!! So I did the other 3!!!

This was a Sketch Challenge found here: Challenge #1. I used Wild Wasabi, Sparkle Green, Cameo Coral and Whisper White. I used the Gina K. Make A Wish stamp set. It's just a very simple card........but I DID add some bling!!!!

This was a Color Challenge found here: Challenge #3. We were to use Soft Sky, Taken With Teal and Pumpkin Pie. I like those colors together!!!! I thought of doing something Boho.........but I don't have any of those stamps...............yet!! I used Gina's Tag, You're It stamp set for this.......and, of course, my Nesties!!!

This was for another Sketch Challenge found here: Challenge #4. We were to make a scene!! first (and very smart-alecky self) wanted to make a toddler throwing a tantrum on the card.........but I had no such stamp!!! So..........a scenery scene it is!!! LOL I just love this Hippo!!!! I used the Gina K........Melanie Muenchinger Just So Hippy set. I colored with Prisma pencils and used Gamsol. Then I cut her tail out to make it 3D so she could actually hold the basket of flowers!! And why YES!!! You noticed the stickles??? Yep!! She's a girly hippo here!! And has toenail polish and her tooth glistens and her blue eyes shine!! Oh and so do the butterflies!!!

Now...............guess what??? I also won some Blog Candy!!! Melanie had posted about a fellow blogger, Wendi, who's nephew was shaving his head to raise money for Children's Cancer research. Anyone who donated was entered into the contest..........and let me tell you...........some amazing prizes from all kinds of stamp designers, etc. Go check it out!! I won a CD full of Erika Martin's own artistic creativity!! As her blog is an absolutely amazing place with FAB, FAB, FABulous projects and designs.........I can only imagine how I will treasure this prize!!! Thank you Wendi and Erika!!!!! I'm a happy, happy girl!!! And, even more so, happy and proud to see teenagers that are awesome being recognized and standing up for wonderful causes!!! Go Jeremy!!! And now his brother Zach!!!!

Our New House!! it is!!!! Unless something really awful goes wrong!! This is the house we have under contract and scheduled to close May 2!!!! That's only about 6 weeks away!!!! And why am I still stamping??????

The **most** important reason is that stamping IS my therapy!!!!! Completely!!!! And also, we aren't selling our current house. We'll wait until we're all moved into the new house and get to do some good cleaning and some painting and a few other odds and ends before we rent it out. So.........that means waaaaaaaaaay less stress for me!!! I don't have a date that I HAVE to be out of our house and can take my time!! :) Also........I refuse to pack my staming stuff!! LOL Seriously, we're only moving 2 hours (a bit less) away from where we are now. I'm just putting my craft stuff in my car and moving it and putting it in...........................get very own STAMP ROOM!!!!!!!!!!! It's a small room.................but still!!!!!!!!! It's MINE!!!!! Oh okay, dh's big file cabinet and a few boxes of paperwork, etc. will go in the closet.......but I suppose I can share a "tiny" bit with him!!!!

The kids will both be downstairs.........dd in the bedroom.......ds in the "bonus" room.......a bit bigger than dd's room, but a bit less privacy. Trust me.........he doesn't care about that NEARLY like she does!!! They'll share a bathroom and the family room down there will also be the homeschool area and have the new treadmill!!! OH!!!!!! There's also a mudroom/laundry room down there as you come thru the garage entrance!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! A garage!!!!!!!!! We haven't had a garage in years!!!!! Do you KNOW how often we have to scrape the windows in our winters??? And dh leaves for work at 4 fun!!! So worries!!!! And he'll mostly be working from home after the move anyway!!! Once a week into Denver for a while until he trains the other gal a bit more. Then once every 2 weeks usually.'s so pretty!! It's on 6.5 acres of wooded mountain!!! We'll border 1 property owner who has over 80 acres and his actual house is 1/4 mile away......then it's all Forest Service land!!! It's higher altitude than we are here too.........we're only at 7200-7300 feet now........this is almost at 8,000 feet! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! More snow!!! And there's a woodstove!! Have I bored you all yet??? Can you tell I'm S-U-P-E-R excited???!!!! If this ends up not going thru we told dd that she has to run the household and school her brother and dad and I will spiral into a depression!!! Not really..........but still!!! I'm hoping, hoping, hoping everything goes just right!!!

Okay.........I'm finished now........I only have this one picture to show right now.......but I'll take more when it's ours for sure!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I LOVE Purely Pomegranate!!!

I do!! I really LOVE this color!!! Today's SCS Color Challenge was Purely Pomegranate, Basic Gray and Basic Black. Perfect for a more serious card. It's a sad time of year for me and I was missing my I made this in honor of him and in thinking of what a fantastic Grandpa he was. The story is long and miserable, but he was the only adult in my life who truly loved me and it was tough to lose him 11 months ago and not even be able to say good-bye. So I've been thinking about him and that put me in a reflective mood. I sure have some WONDERFUL memories of him and I absolutely take comfort in those!! So not to worry........I'm not someone who allows sadness in for very long at all!! I don't deal with sadness well..........I'd rather be happy and make others feel great too!!! :) I didn't use much bling........aren't you proud?? Even my dd was impressed!!! LOL I really love this Define Your Life stamp set!! Okay........let's change the subject, shall we??!!!!!!

NOW.........quick update!! Did you attend the Gina K. Forum Release Party?????????? I DID, I DID, I DID!!! It was fast, furious and FUN!!!! Check it out if you want to read a zillion pages!!! LOL And yes..............of COURSE I placed an order!!! In fact......I was **finished** placing my order 12 minutes after the release!!!!!!!!! Definitely check out some of the sneak peeks and maybe then I'll tell you which stamp sets I ordered!!! ;)

Now..........the winner of Melanie's Just So Hoppy contest??? DONNA!!!!!!! Oh and what a truly deserved win!!!! She has the most awesome Hoppy creations!!! Congrats Donna!!!!

There were some challenges, so watch for some projects!! I have until Thursday to create and post!!!! But tomorrow we're house-hunting again. I don't want to say much as we're soooooooo unsure.........but please keep your fingers crossed that I have some news tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Faux Cloisonne and Cammie's Challenge!!

Oh what an absolutely AMAZING Technique Challenge this was!! Faux Cloisonne on SCS. It's so elegant and beautiful!! And much easier than it first appears!!! All I did was stamp Morning Soft in Versamark onto a beautiful, glossy floral picture in a magazine. I just love Birds & Blooms!! Then I embossed it in Gold and cut it out. I had to do some piercing, but didn't want to take away from the gorgeous I kept the bling to a minimum! Aren't you shocked!!!! LOL I decided black velvet ribbon would look rich......but didn't want a lot of I made some cuts with my razor knife and tucked it inside the card. I hope those cuts don't look to funky.......I need some kind of punch that would do that better!! I just loved these victorian brads. I built a card around it and actually as the last step I covered it in Crystal Effects. Now that takes a while to dry!! Do try this technique as it's so fun!!! And then let me know so I can see your gorgeous creations!!!

Now.......Cammie posted a challenge a couple days ago to start the countdown to the Gina K. release party on Splitcoast. WHICH IS TONITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The challenge was to use Lovely Lilac and Certainly Celery. We could add Yoyo Yellow if we wanted.........but I decided to keep it a little more muted. I used Gina K.'s Baskets of Happiness. I colored with SU Markers ('cuz I don't have all the colors of Copics yet!!!). I thought I'd try the microbead look........I like how it kinda makes the images look like stained glass! But, alas!!! I used the red tacky tape and have some lines going thru my image!! No worries!! I'm just saying that it's a wooden "plank" look that I planned!!!! LOL Then a fellow stamper, stampertammy, commented on my card and told me about the Xyron!!! AHA!!! I just **knew** there had to be more toys I needed!!!!

Maybe I should get some sleep...........after all, I have to be wide-eyed and bushy-tailed for the Gina K. party!!!! I hope to see you all there!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Scrappin' #17 and Melanie's TIN-torial!!

Looky, looky!! I'm doing a monthly online stampin' club with my friend Sarah and the first project we did was the Simply Scrappin' Kit!! And how perfect for a Sunday Scrappin' day!!!! It's the first time I've done any type of chipboard book!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!! I chose the Crew Kids Girl because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pinks and greens!!! It's so fresh and pretty and Spring-y!!! I don't have any photos in it yet as I'm not sure whether I'll keep it or give it as a gift yet. This really went together very quickly!! And I still have TONS of leftover paper and embellie stickers!! Now..........those of you who know me.....are you really surprised that I just ****HAD**** to add BLING!!!!!!! ROFL!!!! I used some half-back pearls, some rhinestones and some flowers!!! I really did go easy on know.........I "could" have used more!!! ;) What a fun Sunday and I actually "scrapped" for a change!!!

I also have to share a very cool tutorial that Melanie shared along with a Sneak Peek of her new stamp sets and quite a SMASHING and adorable idea!!! Check out Melanie's Wristy Tin Tutorial.......I'll be buying these stamps and making some of these fun gifts!!! Come on over to the SCS Gina K. party tomorrow night!!!! It will be in the Member Forums, Gina K. From 6-8 Mountain Time........that's what time the party will be for ME!!! And my credit card is ready!!!!! LOL

Catherine tagged me with a 7 Random Facts tag, which are always here goes:

1. I don't like coffee (I know......shocking!!!) but I LOVE Starbuck's!!!
2. I actually like snakes......although not poisonous ones of course.......they're very cool and eat bugs, which I detest!!
3. I have an oversensitive sense of justice..........comes from valid childhood misery..........but my soapbox can come out of nowhere!!! LOL
4. I want to own a pygmy goat!! They're cuuuuute!!! Maybe an Alpaca too!!!
5. I love birding!! We have a life-list of birds and look forward to adding lots more to it.
6. I love Disney movies and musicals!!!
7. I'm addicted to Diet Coke!!
I'm tagging anyone who's in a mood to share some fun facts about themselves!!! :)

Some Silly Fun!!

Oh I'd seen this QUIZ on Ladydoc's blog......but didn't think I'd come out too well, so I passed. Well, Suzanne was brave enough to take the quiz and post the I thought I'd go ahead and play!! So here's mine...........not as bad as I thought it would be!!! LOL Only one man's face apparently looks like mine!!! Suzanne also had posted a Disney Alter Ego Quiz. Well, I took the quiz and apparently I am a Peter Pan with a "never grow up" syndrome followed very closely by Cinderella. Hey!!!! Not too bad!!! I know I can be very..........ummmmmmmm........."kid"-like!!! (MUCH better word than immature!!! LOL) And I know my hubby has spoiled me rotten like the Prince did when he rescued Cinderella!!! We've OFTEN joked thru the years about that as he really did rescue me from an unfortunately awful childhood/family. He sure is my Prince Charming!!!

This Nerd Test was just for my darling daughter!!! She's a writer, a daydreamer and she is soooooooo funny!!!!! If I do say so myself. She's an amazing teenager and tells everyone how proud she is NOT to be a typical teen girl!!! Her blog is may surprise yourself and get a laugh........or be terribly confused as she also blogs AS many of the characters she writes about!!!!! LOL She is proud to be an uber-nerd (just like daddy!!! And yes, this IS the same man who's my Prince Charming!!! LOL). Apparently opposites DO attract!!! And I thought I was always a *little* bit nerdy??? says I'm a Non-Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

Hope you got a good chuckle or two!!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Awards, Challenges and Goodies, OH MY!!!

Ahhhh.......where to start??? What a busy couple of days!! It seems like at least 3 days were packed into the last 2!! I was so thrilled and happy and completely taken by surprise to find out I was awarded this beautiful Make My Day award!!! Carolina and Jessie both awarded this to me......WOW!!! How FANtabulous is that???!!!!

Now.........the extremely difficult nominate 5 blogs that Make My Day! Truly, I have almost 50 blogs on my Google Reader!! I totally shouldn't admit that, should I???!! LOL Well, every single one inspires me in some way or definitely I love all of you all!! (Wonderful grammar, eh??!!!) But.........I have to pick I will choose a few newer bloggers (to me) that I have absolutely enjoyed getting to know!!!

Carolina - You reached out to me and have made me feel so welcome in participating in challenges and build up my confidence in my stamping!! Your blog has so many pretty creations and you make everyone feel like they can follow your examples and create those beautiful projects!!

Jessie - You are always up for the challenges and keep me inspired to keep up with them (or try to!!). You share your time and energy and love and the experiences with your beloved nieces.......oh I wish I had an Auntie like you when I was little!!! You also keep me "hopping" with Melanie's sets!!!
Linsey - My bud!! A fellow Hippy and Hoppy stamp-lover!!! LOL Your brain never quits!! You make the most amazing projects and share every detail so we can all enjoy such awesome creations!! You also are such a wonderful cheerleader!!

Melanie - You are amazing!! A designer, an artist, a mom and wife, etc!! And you give so generously of your time, your talent, your tutorials........just WOW!! And speaking of giving, I just got your Blog Candy that I won.................another WOW or ten!!! FANtastic!!! Thank you and I will never miss out on one of your stamp sets!!! LOL

Gina K. - Oh yeah!!! So many tutorials, designs, contests, clubs.........just out of this world!!! How can I NOT be addicted??!! And some wonderful glimpses into the behind-the-scenes world of a Designer and Stamp Store owner...........don't we ALL think that's just the best??!! And those Release Parties.........WooooooooHoooooooo!!!!!!

Here's the Inspiration Challenge for Irish Quilt. It's a beautiful quilt that my daughter would LOVE.......being into all things Celtic at the moment!! This was my take on the challenge.........a quilt design, the wonderful bright green, "stitching" by piercing..........and I just HAD to Bling it up!!!!!!!!! [url=][img][/img][/url] I used Green Galore, Whisper White and Metallic Green paper. A little clover stamp from the All Year Cheer set. Ribbons and lots of piercing........I love piercing!!! I just had to stickle the shamrocks to help bring out the metallic bg!! :)

And just a quick update.......I received my Blog Candy win from Melanie today!!!! I can't wait to start creating!!! If you want to see my wonderful HERE!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

My New Friend Linsey.........and A Quick Mini Challenge

First........and you have GOT to believe me!!! I had several of Linsey's projects ready to link in my previous blog, and my son interrupted was one of those evenings!!! So I thought I hit save..........nope! I hit post!!! I came back to work on my blog and UH-OH!!!!!!!! Well, let me say.........Linsey has been on a Hoppy Roll I'm tellin' ya!! She's the one who won Melanie's contest with her Just So Hippy lamp!!!! I know it was my favorite project!!!! So I can't leave out her awesome Hoppy creations!! And I am meeting the most amazing and talented women through SCS and the Blogging world!! So let me say now how much I truly enjoy ALL of your blogs and creations!!! I know I'll sound corny (what's new??? LOL) but I really feel like I have so many new friends!!! I'm very blessed!!!! Thank you all!!!

You have GOT to check out her Just So Hoppy Superstar!!!! Especially you American Idol fans!!! And then LOOK at this......Potted Spring Sweets!!!! And then just keep browsin' on that fabulous blog!!! Linsey, you ROCK!!!

The SCS Limited Supplies Challenge was posted early.............hooooooooray!!!!!!! DH and I are going to be gone house-hunting all day again it was very cool that I got to already play in the challenge!! We were to make a card smaller than 4.25 x 4.25. And I did!! Mine is 4 1/4 x 4 1/4. I have TONS of that was no problem!! And we were to use quick CB folders are quick and so is my piercing tool!! I used Whisper White, Sparkle Green, Bashful Blue and Pretty In Pink. SU Markers. Stickles. Heidi Grace printed flowers and brads and some ribbons. That's it!!!

Now off to sleep so we can get an early start! I'll see what gorgeous pictures I can take while we're driving!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yesterday's Challenge and a TAG!

Howdy my friends!!! Oh the dang flu had me down a bit..........although I did try to keep up with the blog rounds and my moderating on the Splitcoast Flybaby section. Other than that........I was a bum! A sick bum though..............YUK!!! I'll spare you the details and just say I'm glad it was a 48 hour stomach bug and not anything more severe!! simply MUST check out these blogs with some amazing creations with Melanie's Just So Hoppy stamp set!!!! And the contest for submissions with these is still on through Saturday sometime!!! I love Donna's Playdough Gift Set!!!! And check out Carolina's Envelope Chickie Pouch!!!! Now look at Jessie's Springtime Froggy!!!! Now look at Markie's Mom's Hoppy Birthday!!!! They've all done so many amazing projects and cards..........but those were some of my very faves!!!! :) I know lots of others are using these stamps.......but I'm having a hard time keeping up on all the new blogs I'm being introduced to!! I don't mean to slight anyone...........I LOVE blog-hopping and enjoy all the sharing and creating I've seen!!!

I did manage yesterday's SCS Sketch Challenge..........I LOVE this sketch!! But I was very slow and then went back to bed!!! LOL Is that how you know you have an addiction??? There is just no energy to muster up for ANYthing.......except a card challenge??!!!! ;) Well, I decided to use all my paper (except the card base and the white for the image) out of one package of my Basic Grey - Oh Baby Girl dsp. I LOVE Basic Grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have I mentioned that once or twice or 100 times???? LOL Anyway...........really a simple card since I didn't have the stomach for anything difficult (pun intended!!). Just used my Priceless stamp set........totally love it!! And stamped an extra butterfly so I could have 3D wings and OF COURSE I glittered them!!!! I used Pretty In Pink and Bashful Blue ink. My hubby requested a card for their business associate who was just diagnosed with cancer, and I thought of something soft and shimmery. I also bought a little package of truffles to tuck inside.'ve been TAGGED!!! Actually Chrissy tagged me several days ago but life got crazy...........but it was fun, so here it is:

4 Jobs I've Had: Nanny, House-cleaning, Volunteer Firefighter/EMT, CPR Instructor

Movies I've Seen: We get fun stuff from Netflix......Innerspace, Monty Python, Sense & Sensibility, Ratatouille (movies, like music, is VERY eclectic for our family!!! LOL)

4 Places I've been: Disney World, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Roadtrips over most of the U.S.

4 Places I've lived: New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, Montana

4 TV Programs I watch: CSI, American Idol, I Love Lucy, The Amazing Race

4 Radio Shows I listen to: I don't really.......I just like music

4 Favorite Foods: Pasta, Bread, Cookies, Fruit (gee?? Is that why I have a weight problem???? LOL)

4 Places I'd Rather be: I LOVE home!!!!! :) Although I DO enjoy shopping and we are looking for a new house with some property!!

This is how I'm gonna TAG back...........anyone who's a fun're TAGGED!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Link To Melanie, A Challenge and A RAK!!

First of all.....................Hip, Hop, Hooooooooray to Melanie Muenchinger for her achievement of being in the Top 100 Stamping Sites!!! An honor well-deserved and very much earned!!!! Make sure to check out Mel's Achievement and Blog Candy Give-away!!! She's got such a fantastic blog with such detailed tutorials and shares her creativity and talent with all!! And her stamp sets are THE cuteste EVER with a brand new set being released in just a few days!!!! this RAK from a Flybaby Friend on SCS..........isn't this the cutest??!! I just had such a big smile when I saw him!!! A lepruchaun made out of various punchies!!! And those googlie eyes!! And, being that I married into a HUGE and very Irish's perfect!!! I can't wait to show my in-law's!!! I know they'll absolutely LOVE it!!! Thanks Mary!!!

Now today's Color Challenge's funny........I made it at 2 a.m. and then tried to get a little sleep before a dr. appt today. When I finished it, in the wee morning hours, I wasn't too thrilled. I don't my dd said (trust teenagers to be honest!!! LOL), "It's not bad mom, but it's not your best work." Oh........very true my daughter!!! LOL

I used the colors, Purely Pomegranate, Wild Wasabi, and So Saffron with some Whisper White. I really love this combo.......just need to get a little more creative!! Maybe after some sleep!!! I really love paper piercing........can you tell??? And layering the flowers.......I guess I'm ready for Spring flowers and colors even though I'm one who does love Winter!! I used the Merci set, but I definitely want to use it again so it really pops out a little more!!'s Tuesday, I didn't post a Monday challenge.........I think I'll just skip this week and post one next Monday when my thinking's a bit clearer and I get the hang of a couple of new tools and have some good ideas!!!! :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'...........well, Stampin' for me!!!

I know.........I'm hit or miss with my Sunday Scrappin''s a hit!!!! :)

My Ta-Da's:

I got to make a card for the Featured Stamper Challenge on SCS!! I totally LOVE patterned paper!! LOVE it I say!!! So I used Whisper White as a base, and then various SU and Basic Grey papers. Also Chocolate Chip around the sentiment. I love my new Define Your Life stamp set!!! It's sooooooooo cool!!! A little bit of ribbon and a pearl brad to finish it!!!

I also cleaned up my stamp space!!!! I'm still working on re-organizing.......but at least it's all clean and I have some elbow room!!! Not lots as it's a small part of the living room........but STILL!!! Good thing too..........had to make room for my new Sizzix machine that I got cheap from Stamping the big, detailed stamps, like my House Mousies or DD's Thomas Kincaid, is easy now!!! :)

Now to work out organizing everything else. Oh they're all inside various containers, baskets, etc........just not sure it's exactly how I want them. And I'm still working on the Spreadsheet with all my stamps and tools along with df's stamps and tools so we can share!!! And know what each other has before purchasing!!! Cool, huh???!!

Well, the Bonus Question at Sunday Scrappin' for the week: Do you enjoy stamping with friends or alone? For me.........BOTH!!! With friends, as long as I don't have to cart everything I own!!!! But it's also fun and therapeutic to stamp alone!!

My To-Do's:

Finish Spreadsheet
Work some more on MIL's Recipes
Work on some Watermarks
Keep up with challenges
Work on some simpler card sets for gifts

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Just HAD to!!!!!!!

I missed a couple challenges and I always feel bummed when I do................I will catch up on them eventually, but I saw that the SCS Inspiration Challenge had been posted.......once I took a look at the inspiration photo.............I just HAD to play!!!! I LOVE gingham and soft pastels!!! I totally envisioned using my Nesties and Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder!!! So sorry to post and run......but it IS now almost 2 a.m. my time!!! And I need some sleep as I'm helping a friend photograph all her cards and get them online to start her wedding card consulting business!! And I also am gonna help her inventory..........I totally need to do this too.........but she needs to get it done fast so I can borrow some of her things!!! LOLOL

Well.........this was really a simple card.......Whisper White and Bashful Blue paper and ink!! And I got to use one of my new SAB sets.......Friendship Blooms!! What do ya think????