Monday, February 11, 2008

Wow! What A Night!!!!!

Oh MY!!!!!! I had the BEST night!!! Well, stamping-related anyway!!! ROFL!!

First I found out my Baby 'Raffie card (that I posted just a couple posts back) got a VERY cool Honorable Mention......actually a "Hippy" Mention!!! :) ON Melanie's Blog!!!! How absolutely fantastic is that??!!!! And I'll be getting a card that Melanie makes just for ME!!!! It's soooo gonna get framed and hung up over my craft table!!! You so have to go check out the winner of Melanie's contest using her first stamp set Just So Hippy!! It's an INCREDIBLE lamp for a little girl's room!!! Oh it's wonderful!!! An extremely talented stamper, Linsey, made it and I'm so thrilled it won!! I have plans to make one of those for my little niece!!! extremely TALENTED stamper, Carolina, leaves me a very fun comment on my blog to go check her blog out for a surprise!!!! And WOWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEE!!! You coulda knocked me over with a feather!!! (no easy feat!!! LOLOL) She honored me with this Amazing Award!!!! That was such a FABulous surprise!!!! Thank you so much Carolina!!!! It means so much to me!!

Whew!!!! All that plus a wonderful Gina K. order that I can't wait to show up at my door!!! No wonder I'm still awake at almost 2 a.m.!!!! I'm on waaaaaay more than Cloud 9!!!! Maybe Cloud 109!!!! :)

Now........I've got a tough pass the award on to just a few..........even though you ALL know I just love each and every blog!!! I must choose!!! are just a few of my MANY faves!!!

Diane's Designs ~ She has stunning creations and is a guest designer and SU Demo and a very talented lady!!

Sarah's Stampin' ~ She has really helped me and shared some fantastic designs and ideas!! (She shared the info and gave me the encouragement to send some photos in to some Papercrafting Magazines!!!)

Story About A Girl ~ She is ON FIRE!!!! She's been stamping for a whopping 6 months and is already on a Design Team!!! You Go Girl!!! (She's inspired me to try for that same goal!!!)

Stampin' and Kwiltin' ~ She always shares everything!! Her beautiful creations, her crazy days, and her cool tutorials so we all don't have to go buy everything to figure out what's better!!! LOL

Carolina.............this also comes right back atcha!!! I may be new to your blog..........but you are fantastically gifted and I'll be a "regular" there now!!! Thanks again!!!


  1. Lee, how AWSOME for you!! I'm not really surprised that your card was picked by Melanie because it is just too cute! It is also great to see you were picked for an "E" award. I love reading your blog and seeing your new creations!!

    Have a GREAT day!!!

  2. WOW! With that much excitement I'd be on cloud 109, too.


  3. Good grief Lee! You forgot to mention that you won my blog candy!!! :) Congrats to you and thank you SO much for this award. It made my day! :)

  4. Wow! You had a great day! You totally deserve all the awards! Congratulations.

  5. Lee, you totally deserve your Excellent Blog Award, yay!!! thank you for mentioning my lamp and linking my blog up...what an absolute sweetheart you are! I love Carolina too, she's an angel! Your blog is totally rockin' and brimming with inspiration! It's going on my blogroll ASAP, baby! ~hugs~

  6. Ahhh, Lee! You are just tooooo sweet! Thank you for listing me on the Excellent Award List! I KNOW why YOU received it! You are brim full of encouragement and wonderful ideas. A beautiful lady making beautiful creations...a great combination for any excellent award out there! Congratulations on your's and thanks for passing along the cudos...MUCH honor coming from you, friend! Also congrats on the blog you'll be sweeter than ever!!

  7. Woo hoo, Lee!! You're really on fire yourself!! That's so wonderful about winning the card award, and then an excellent blog award!! You so deserve both!!

  8. Lee You have indeed had a wonderful weekend of awards and honors. You so deserve both. Thank you for awarding me the Excellent award for my BLOG. Now I have some work to do. Your BLOG is very deserving of this award and your card creations....well let's just say that at this point NO ONE would ever dream that you have been doing this for any less than many many years!


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