Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

Allrighty, here's my Sunday Scrappin' post..............well, I did some stampin' and made another card for a blog contest today. The photo is on an earlier post. I had a ton of housework to do and still have tons and tons of laundry!!! LOL

My's a sample of my MIL's recipes that one of my sis-in-law's is helping me with. Getting all the family recipes preserved and digiscrapped and eventually printed out for gifts will be a long-term project for sure!! But I'm already having fun with it and have so many ideas flying thru my head!! We're trying to take photos of the recipes to also preserve the wonderful heirloom feeling of the handwritten recipes!

My to-do.................I've got LOTS of cards to make this week, as well as keep the dang laundry going!! And my fun announcement I promised in an earlier post?? I've submitted some cards to a papercrafting magazine!!! Well, e-mail submissions!! That was hard as I second-guess myself all the time!! But my wonderful friend, Sarah, submitted some of her fabulous cards and encouraged me to try too!! So.............I did!! I will definitely keep you posted!!! :)
** Bonus Question.......Do you sketch your ideas or just put things together as you go?
I do really depends on my creativity level. If I'm in that creative zone, then I just put it together as I'm working. But if I'm feeling kinda stuck.........then I'll sketch!
Here are some more photos of the areas in which we're house hunting!! Who knows where we'll actually end up.......we're trying to remain open and willing!!! But we DO love the bigger snowy spots the best!! My hubby took the picture with the baby pine tree because of the awesome snow sculpturing behind it!! This was over Poncha Pass and the wind makes some beautiful artwork with the snow!!


  1. WOW, your snowy pictures made me miss Colorado! We lived in Littleont from 1999-1003 and I sure do miss it!

    I love your family recipe project. I have plans for something similar I am doing for my daughters, too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy Scrappin'!

  2. Nice snow pictures. It looks so peaceful. Have fun working on your recipe project. Have a great week! :)

  3. Good luck on getting your cards published! How exciting.

    I Love, love, love the idea of putting your grandma's recipes in an album. What a treat for future generations!

  4. Using the handwritten recipes (pics) in the albums will make them such a family treasure! Can't wait to see pics as you go along- now you've got me thinking about doing the same thing! :)

    Good luck with getting published, and thanks for playing along with Sunday Scrappin again.

  5. sounds like you are going to be super busy. Love the idea of using her writing in the recipe cards and not rewriting them. Gorgeous snow pics....congrats on submitting cards. I am still nervous about that too. Plus....I just start creating. I have never sketched anything. Maybe I should try it.


  6. I did a recipe album a few years back with my mil's and her mil's recipes. When I think back over all the projects I've done, that's still one of my favorites, and most meaningful ones. You won't regret doing it! :-)

  7. What a great idea for the recipe cards! That will be a treasure for family members, I'm sure!

    Hope to see lots of new cards in your ta-das for next week!

  8. What a wonderful idea to do with your family recipes! Love the snow pictures.

  9. The recipe project sounds awesome. A lot of our family recipes were burned up in the Cedar fire of 03 Southern California..we get fire instead of snow )-:
    A great way to keep things safe is to make duplicate albums and give them away. Way to go!

  10. Hi! Thanks for your input on the new look of Sunday Scrappin'.

    I'm sorry my polls cause you problems! I'll just have them up for two weeks- I'm thinking about expanding the content of the site, and wanted to know what the regular participants would think. Hopefully those polls won't cause you too much trouble and I'll see you again this weekend! :)


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