Saturday, February 2, 2008

House Hunting........ is fun.......but also frustrating!! And house hunting in the Colorado mountains in the winter is well............interesting!!! We're natives, so it's not the snow that we have any issues fact........the more, the better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it's the huge number of people that do not know how to drive even remotely sane and/or safe in the snow!!!! Sheeeeeeeeeesh!!! are a couple of pics of areas we're currently searching in and around! We're pretty open as James will be able to mostly telecommute and only have to go in to Denver once or twice a month.

I sure did miss stamping the last couple of days that's what my renewing Sunday will hold for me!!! Church, then stamping with a friend who's coming over!! And maybe a very interesting and unexpected announcement from me!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned!!!! And NO!!! I'm not "expecting"!!!! LOL (see my 31 things post for more info if needed!!) LMBO!!!


  1. The area you are searching looks wonderful- as long as you like snow, lol! Best of luck in your hunt for a new home.

  2. Pretty snow! My son is BEGGING to see the snow.

  3. Colorado is such a beautiful state.
    My sister use to live in Colorado Spring area. I loved it there. Very close to The Garden of the Gods, Pike Peak. In fact you could see both of these place from her house.

    As for the Driving in Snow. We have it here in Illinois too.

    They see snow and panic.

    Hope you all find a super new place to live.


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