Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Go Ahead......Make My Day!!! :)

Yeah.............YOU!!! I was so touched to find that my Flybaby friend Lori J. chose me as one of the recipients of this award on her blog!!! Now that totally made MY day!!! And so I pass this along to those who inspire and encourage me!!

Lori ..........thank you so much for the award and making me feel so special! I can't believe we only live a few hours away from each other......I hope we get to meet someday!!

Kerianne ..........thank you for your friendship, your openness in accepting me and my family into your home and your life! You are so fun and talented and giving........and you are so encouraging my very unique daughter!!! LOL

Diane ..........for inspiring me with your fabulous creations and your encouraging posts on my cards! I wanna be a wonderful designer and you are helping me learn how to do that!

Christi and Sarah ...............for being my friends and letting me a "big sister" to you!! Hopefully not too bossy a one!! ;) I love your enthusiasm and amazing cards and goals that you set.....and reach!!!

Suzanne and Edith and Ladydoc ...........for your honest and heartfelt sharing of daily life and joys and sorrows. You reach out and touch more than you'll ever know!

And lastly...........but certainly never least!!! My beautiful and talented daughter, the Wordbender ...................I'm amazed as I watch you grow up and I can't believe you're not my baby anymore! But you always will be anyway!! ;) Thank you for being such an incredible gift from above and truly a daughter that a mother can be forever proud of!!!

All my fantastic Flybaby friends.........those who blog and those who don't.......what a unique and caring group of friendship and accountability and.............ACCEPTANCE!!! My word of the year!!!


  1. You are so sweet!! What an honor to be listed as someone who makes your day! That certainly made my day! We have dreary weather here in KC,MO today, and you brought a bunch of sunshine! Thanks for warming my heart! Blessings on your day!

  2. How wonderful to be chosen for such an award, and then to go ahead and make so many other's day!! Congratutions, Lee.

    Had time to use my friend's computer to check my emails and read the comments on one blog today and I chose yours - hope that made your day again! He he!

  3. What a wonderful gift you have passed along to others... thanks for "making my day" just a little brighter!! It brought much warmth to my heart today :)

  4. HeeHee Back at you lady! Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend. I hope we get to meet again.

  5. You made me get all teary!! I feel very priveleged to know you and your fam!!

  6. Aw...I got all misty... You know how special you are to me too. I love having you as a friend. You are always like sunshine to me when I am going through dark times. You always know what to say to make me feel better. You are awesome at everything you do and you are such a blessing to me. Thank you for brightening my day. :)


Your comments truly warm my heart! Thank you so much for making my day!