Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Challenging Challenge!

Whew!!! Well.........I have mentioned that I'm doing many of the challenges on Splitcoast.......and learning sooooo much!! Today that was the case again..................times about 100!! Today being Wednesday (well, technically it's Thursday now, but we insomniacs sleep to a different drummer!! LOL), it was a Sketch challenge! Now I really love these as they make me think about making cards in soooooo many different layouts instead of the same old, same old!! Today's challenge was a Kickstand Card. Hmmmmm.........this one sure got raised eyebrows from me (well, one of them raises anyway!!! LOL). This was definitely a bit tricky! Cut too much off the bottom and it looks funny, don't cut enough and your kickstand panel looks funny, use the wrong panel or place it wrong and your card leans forward really funny!!!! I should know this because that's exactly what my card does!!! Well............first of all, I chose one of my brand new House Mouse stamps!! Tooooooo cute!!! It always takes a while to color with the Prisma pencils and use the Gamsol Magic Technique although I use a cheaper brand of odorless mineral spirits. So......I get my little mousies colored........make the base of my card........and then VOILA! I think I'm only gonna attach the scalloped image and be finished!! But noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! My card falls forward after I finish it!!!! Sheeeeeeeeeesh!!! So.....I work at getting it UNattached without ripping it and lower the image a bit.....................NOPE! Still falls flat on it's cute little mousy face!!! LOL Third time's the charm?? What do you all think?? My last name is Murphy!!! But the 4th time was the kinda sorta good enough charm!!! Obviously I need practice.........but I really DID enjoy learning this new technique and seeing all the beautiful creations by all the participants!! On my card I also used my brand new package of designer paper by Basic Grey and I'm so addicted to this gorgeous paper!! I enjoyed my afternoon (yes, I did spend quite a bit of time on this card!! shhhhh!!).......but I also did some chores........I said "some"!! ;)


  1. Lee, This card makes me smile. It is so soft and wonderful. I was interested in reading your trials and errors as I have been planning to try this challenge. (When I get up the courage to head back into my stamp room). Maybe you've saved me some time...

  2. You did a wonderful job on your card. I like the little mousies. :0)

  3. Lol! I loved reading about how you made this card, Lee! Sounds 'zactly like my stamp room - it's really a scientific experiments room!! I do love your card though so am glad you persisted :-)


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