Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stampin' Projects!

I am enjoying some Stampin' Time!! Soooo........I feel like such newbie still....after a year of stamping!! But I look at so many gorgeous designs on blogs and in the SCS galleries.........well, as long as I keep practicing and always have fun......I'll get even more creative juices flowing, right!!!?? ;)

Here's some recent creations...........2 smaller 4x4 cards for my Elf-ing packages!! My Elf pkgs couldn't be a surprise because of a special gift that was in them!!!! :)

Then an attempt at Soot Stamping without my wonderful instructor Sarah in St. Louis!!!! It's okay, but you can't see the blue spectrum ink under the soot........and I caught the C/S on fire too!!! Ah well............I did enjoy it and I think I salvaged it okay!!!

And, of course..........another glittery snowman!!!!! I LOVE glitter!!! And I LOVE snow!!! :)

And another treat box.........with an Autumn Theme this time!! I am lovin' making these and filling them with goodies to give away!!!! can see how I'm enjoying our wintery blast of snow and wind!! Inside toasty warm!!!!


  1. Lee,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such generous compliments. I appreciate that. The Light Box HAS made all the difference in my photos. It's so easy to make.

    Your creations are great! I'm glad I finally connected you, your Flybaby comments, and your blog all together!! I'll be back again. Beautiful creations. TFS :)

  2. I just went back to your blog again and now I'm connecting you and your KC trip! You were in my neighborhood!!! Hope KC was fun!

  3. i love the container i need to make one!!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog buddy. sorry i havent talk to you guys in a while. lifes gotten a little crazy my little(18) sister moved in with us.

  4. Lee- your cards are all wonderful!

  5. Very nice projects. Love it!
    Have you done any geocaching lately?
    I got my hubby a GPS for Christmas, so I am excited to get back into it again. We donated our GPS this past summer to a missionary in Nicaragua when we were there in June, so haven't gotten to geocache for a long while. It seems like you get to travel a lot, so I bet you get to find lots of goodies.

  6. Lee,
    These are all WONDERFUL! I think you have progress well beyond being a newbie!

  7. These are completely adorable! Great job.

  8. Lee, your work is amazing! These cards & projects are far beyond the skill level of "beginner" in my books... don't be so hard on yourself!?!?!


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