Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Light Box = Cool Photos!

This is fun!! Ok, so my dd is still doing most of the photography and staging........but it's so cool to have. Now to get some good photography books from the library and learn not by trial and error alone!!! ;)

Sooooo.........here is Jaimee's card...........she definitely has a different style than I do!! It's very clean and not glittery!!! LOL I think her card is beautiful! The verse is from the song The Lighthouse by the bluegrass/folk band Nickel Creek. I think she did a wonderful job!!!


  1. Hi, I am still learning too. :) But one thing I learned is to adjust the curves not the color brightness. Because it doesn't affect the integrity of the picture. Have fun playing around. Great blog. Jennie

  2. Hey - that's the same light box I got! Now if I would just get back to stamping....


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