Thursday, November 1, 2007

Arkansas Fun

Yes........I know that sounds odd!! LOL But it's NOT the hot and sticky and humid and buggy we've had a wonderful time!!!! :) And to think we've already had snow back home!!!

Meeting fellow Flybabies........Stampin' Flybabies, that is!!! And shopping and eating and hanging out!!! What a wonderful way to meet friends and deepen friendships!!!

Camping at the KOA in Hot Springs was great! This is such a pretty spot!! James set up the shock-fence around the campsite, so the dogs were happier too to have a bit of freedom and not have to be constantly leashed!!!

We are camping in STYLE!!!! I'm so spoiled now with this camper!!! The kids are spoiled and laptops oh my!!! LOL Cody has been able to do a little fishing........not nearly enough, however!! DD has been on the laptop with 2 big college class projects.........she's ready for a break from schooling on vacation!!

Sooooooooooo........tomorrow we head up to St. Louis!!! Then on to Kansas City and then MN and then Mt. Rushmore and then home!! I'll try to update a bit more on the trip and post some pics too!!


  1. Finally! I've been waiting for an update. ;-) It's great to hear how much fun y'all are having. Soooo-you've been shopping on vacation, but have ya done any stampin'??? Hope the rest of your trip goes wonderfully!!

  2. Hi Beth!!! Check the next entry........... :)

  3. I'm glad to finally have an update. Erynn, or, as you affectionately refer to her, DD, decided that she can't be bothered to update her blog while on vacation, and left that task up to me. So I truly have no way of knowing whether she is even alive. Though I guess if she died Maviqua and I would peter out of existence...being completely imaginatory as we are.


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