Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Wonderful Get-Away!!!

Who could ask for more??? A spectacular view, no interruptions, delicious food, stampin' time, snow in the mountains...................HEAVEN!!!

Hubby had a business trip to the Snowbird Lodge and I got to go!! It snowed the night we arrived, it was only a little over 8 hours to drive.......and what a wonderful Fall drive!! I packed more stampin' stuff than clothes!!! LOL

While hubby attended seminars and lectures...........I stamped in our hotel room with the views of the snowy pines!! I was a day or two late for WCMD, but I made several of our SCS Flybaby WCMD challenges!! What a wonderful time...........even though, of course I missed my kiddos!!!

But what wonderful technology with my laptop that we could chat on messenger and talk on the cell. And I had fun buying presents for them too!!

The dinners we had at the lodge were top notch gourmet meals (my kids would NOT have appreciated them!)........and we only splurged on dessert to share one time!!! ;) back to the daily routines and getting the house ready to put up on the market and getting ready for our big family roadtrip!! Busy, busy days ahead!!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in UT and the pictures are beautiful. I love seeing snow in the mountains.

  2. I LOVE the pictures Lee. I can't wait to see "real" snow (one day...). I am so glad that you had a good trip!

  3. Lee ~ Those pictures of the snow covered mountains are gorgeous! It sounds like you had a fabulous trip! I hope you are feeling better now. Hugs friend!

    Christi D.

  4. Great pics Lee!! Sounds like a fabulous lil getaway for you and your hubby. Can't wait for your KC getaway!!!

  5. Beautiful pics! I love the snow. Too bad we don't get much on this side of CO. Oh, well at least it isn't a far drive to see the snow!


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