Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sidenote........"Poster Child" of Mine!!!

Just figured I'd point out that the odd, silly, funny, sarcastic, and otherwise strange comments on my blogs are my darling daughter who is almost 17. If you all can't tell, she's quite the linguist and is a very talented and aspiring author. She's sometimes bored out of her mind as mama has made her keep her blog very private and she wanders over here to have FUN!!!! ;) Truly......she keeps us laughing and in constant awe of her imagination and the fact that there is NO end to the stories she has in her pretty head!!! Some of you have met her (and also my hubby and son) and many of you will get to meet her soon!! I'll tip you off.......she's very shy and quiet in front of most people, so you'll just have to really get to "know" her on my blog!!

And to add to that............I can't wait to meet many of my Flybaby friends soon!!!!!! I already feel so spoiled as I've met Paula and Suzanne already!!'s great to have so many friends!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. That is awesome that your daughter takes the time out to read your blog. All of my family knows I have a blog and yet no one ever comments (including the hubby). I am jealous that you get to meet everyone!! :)

  2. *tapping fingers, waiting for the Northeast trip*
    Have a WONDERFUL time and make sure you update your blog along the way. Hmmm...if Suzanne and I boycott the daily drudgery we could still meet ya 1/2 way! Enjoy!!

  3. You have a daughter?! I'd love to meet her! Too bad I'm not going to be anywhere near Colorado during your vacation. How sad is that? Positively tragic. She sounds so interesting, too. Hah.

    Besides the point, of course I must pop over here to post random comments and read your blog! I have to make sure you don't post anything weird about me. And sarcastic? Me? Absolutely not.

    ~ Xiryna Rii Kyanne Rose Kyrali Erynn Inia Leyre, 3rd Empress and Dictator of Sininen Mer'ethire, Land of Dragons
    (a.k.a. Erynn, the Word Bender)

    Post Script: Did you know "This blog does not allow anonymous comments."?!?!

    Post Post Script: AAAAAAAGGGHHH!!! *continues hiding from shtuff as it chases her menacingly around the room*

  4. This post made me smile....As one who has met your daughter, yes she is quiet around people she doesn't know. I wish I had more time with your family to get to know you all better. IT is wonderful that she reads you blog and puts in her 2 cents worth! Like Christi all my family knows I have 2 BLOGS and they have never even indicated that they have read it let alone left a comment!!!!! You have a very special family Lee!


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