Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sidenote........"Poster Child" of Mine!!!

Just figured I'd point out that the odd, silly, funny, sarcastic, and otherwise strange comments on my blogs are my darling daughter who is almost 17. If you all can't tell, she's quite the linguist and is a very talented and aspiring author. She's sometimes bored out of her mind as mama has made her keep her blog very private and she wanders over here to have FUN!!!! ;) Truly......she keeps us laughing and in constant awe of her imagination and the fact that there is NO end to the stories she has in her pretty head!!! Some of you have met her (and also my hubby and son) and many of you will get to meet her soon!! I'll tip you off.......she's very shy and quiet in front of most people, so you'll just have to really get to "know" her on my blog!!

And to add to that............I can't wait to meet many of my Flybaby friends soon!!!!!! I already feel so spoiled as I've met Paula and Suzanne already!!'s great to have so many friends!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's PREP Time!!!!!

Wow!!!!! 5 days until we take off for a fun 2 week road trip!!! WHEW!! Still soooooooo much to do!!! Laundry, cleaning, packing, getting the camper ready, shopping, errands, arranging cat-sitting, mail pick-up, etc, etc!!!! But it will be so worth it!!!

I'm gonna get to meet MORE Flybaby friends!!!!! Yipppppeeeeeeee!!!!!!! AND get to do some birding and geocaching, and of COURSE stamping too!!! Yes............LOTS of my stampin' stuff is comin' along!!!

Sooooooooooo...............Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, we come!!!!!!!!!! Did I leave any out??????? Hmmmm.........will have to consult the AAA books and planner!!! ;)

Meanwhile..............hubby and kids have been VERY helpful in cleaning!! Now to get them to get all their shhhtufff packed!! 2 weeks is quite a long time to pack for!! (I'm tired and I'm NOT fixing the previous sentence even thought it DID end with a preposition!!!! LOL).

Stay tuned for pics and road stories!!! After all, we are Murphy's and yes, our Law does seem to follow us around!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Wonderful Get-Away!!!

Who could ask for more??? A spectacular view, no interruptions, delicious food, stampin' time, snow in the mountains...................HEAVEN!!!

Hubby had a business trip to the Snowbird Lodge and I got to go!! It snowed the night we arrived, it was only a little over 8 hours to drive.......and what a wonderful Fall drive!! I packed more stampin' stuff than clothes!!! LOL

While hubby attended seminars and lectures...........I stamped in our hotel room with the views of the snowy pines!! I was a day or two late for WCMD, but I made several of our SCS Flybaby WCMD challenges!! What a wonderful time...........even though, of course I missed my kiddos!!!

But what wonderful technology with my laptop that we could chat on messenger and talk on the cell. And I had fun buying presents for them too!!

The dinners we had at the lodge were top notch gourmet meals (my kids would NOT have appreciated them!)........and we only splurged on dessert to share one time!!! ;) back to the daily routines and getting the house ready to put up on the market and getting ready for our big family roadtrip!! Busy, busy days ahead!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


I hate being sick! And with such beautiful Fall weather too!! But hopefully this means I'll be healthy for the two trips that are planned this month!!! A wonderful and fantastic part of homeschooling........... and being finished with online school's ridiculous off season vacations!!!!!!!!!!!! WooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooo!!!!!

I will get to spend a few lovely days with hubby in Utah's ski country as he has a business trip and I get to tag along!!! Kids.............stay home and clean and pack!!! LOLOLOL

At the end of the month..........big road trip with the camper, kids, dogs...........and quite possibly the kitchen sink!!!!! ;) More deets will follow soon!!!!