Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My House Mouse Stamp Collection

Okeedokee..............I THINK these are all of the stamps I have at the moment!! I need to post them here so I can see which ones I have!!!! LOL And if any of my wonderful stampin' buddies would like any of these images...............just let me know!!! :)

Well, I can't figure out how to get them evenly posted, so I guess my Mousie stamps will just have to take up a huge space!!!! LOL


  1. The one with the two mousies haning onto the dragonfly is too cute! I just might have to get you to stamp that one for me as well as the strawberry one. I am really beginning to like these little mousies! :)

  2. I think I'm with Christi. Though my favorites are the two health oriented ones. The one with the aspirin bottle and the eyedropper. I'm really resisting going to the mousie home site.

  3. Very good...I now have the information I need...hee hee hee!


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