Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun With Insomnia!!

Well, my daughter and I both had troubles sleeping on Friday night. Me.........well, insomnia, adjusting to meds, brain know...........the usual!! My daughter is just a night owl!! So......she baked and I stamped!!! What bonding in the wee hours of the morning!! LOL I had fun making more House Mouse how can that not help you feel better?? They're just so sweet!!!


  1. Night owl....or wrote such a sad scene in my book that I depressed myself to the point of inability to sleep....same difference. :) Either way, those cheesecake squares I made were tasty, lol. And the cards are very cute. :)

  2. CA-UTE!! Need I say someone is obsessed with house mousies, lol! You sure do great things with them!!


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