Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ahhhhh............the end of summer!!

Oh what a happy day for me!! For me, October means Autumn, cool weather, snow, and EGGNOG!!! Okay, but this year we must be better with our food indulgences as a family! We all need to lose a lot of weight and be healthier. So..........this October will start some new family policies........we've made some babysteps over the summer in preparation.........but the bigger changes are coming!! It won't be easy on the kids, but somehow I think that's a slight cop out for me...........I think it will tougher on me!!! How much I use foods as "rewards" for myself and for all of us. My kiddos are growing up, and I only have a few more years to try to help "undo" much of what I've instilled since they were little!! Oh brother................well, at least I admit I was wrong, wrong, wrong!!! The kids have adjusted well to the small changes we've made......I'm very proud of them. But now we all need to find the motivation to get ourselves moving more!! With a bad knee, I'm definitely struggling in this area. But now that beautiful and cooler Fall weather is here, James will start up geocaching a lot more and get the kids to go with him more often. And hiking with the dogs DOES add to the calories burned!!!! LOL

So here's to a new season and healthy changes!!!


  1. Aye, exercise is good at tha--WHAT?! You cannot take her away from the computer on her weekends. Geocaching? If my author elects to do this "geocaching" over writing me how am I to be written? Already she seems so eager to be away from the writing desk, as writers often are. I must go off and weep now, for once geocaching season sets in, my and Anker's and Maviqua's story may not be written until full winter!

  2. yeah! here's to healthy changes indeed! can't wait for geocaching to really start again. :):) i love love love it. plus it gives me an excuse to take breaks from my well, as kja said, writers are pretty much the only people who would rather be doing anything else, such as cleaning the toilet, than doing their job. haha, how true that is.


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