Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ahhhhh............the end of summer!!

Oh what a happy day for me!! For me, October means Autumn, cool weather, snow, and EGGNOG!!! Okay, but this year we must be better with our food indulgences as a family! We all need to lose a lot of weight and be healthier. So..........this October will start some new family policies........we've made some babysteps over the summer in preparation.........but the bigger changes are coming!! It won't be easy on the kids, but somehow I think that's a slight cop out for me...........I think it will tougher on me!!! How much I use foods as "rewards" for myself and for all of us. My kiddos are growing up, and I only have a few more years to try to help "undo" much of what I've instilled since they were little!! Oh brother................well, at least I admit I was wrong, wrong, wrong!!! The kids have adjusted well to the small changes we've made......I'm very proud of them. But now we all need to find the motivation to get ourselves moving more!! With a bad knee, I'm definitely struggling in this area. But now that beautiful and cooler Fall weather is here, James will start up geocaching a lot more and get the kids to go with him more often. And hiking with the dogs DOES add to the calories burned!!!! LOL

So here's to a new season and healthy changes!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scouting New Locations...........

Yes..........we live in the beautiful semi-rural foothills near Colorado Springs..........but we want to live in RURAL Colorado and have some elbow room!!! After all..............we were here LONG before all these transplants!!! LOLOL

Here's a few pics of our drive and the area we're currently thinking about!! And what a gorgeous Fall day!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stamp Camp Fun!!

Oh yeah!! Friends and Stampin'!!! :) We got to try two techniques I haven't tried yet and had a wonderful time too!! I love the Acetate card!! Just gotta remember to let the craft ink dry a bit longer! And the Criss Cross card was so fun to make!! Okay, I loved them all!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun With Insomnia!!

Well, my daughter and I both had troubles sleeping on Friday night. Me.........well, insomnia, adjusting to meds, brain know...........the usual!! My daughter is just a night owl!! So......she baked and I stamped!!! What bonding in the wee hours of the morning!! LOL I had fun making more House Mouse how can that not help you feel better?? They're just so sweet!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Some Days Are Just..........

well, not fun.

Hubby and I helped an older lady at church get to and from various errands involving the fallout of her car accident. A drunk driver hit her 10 days ago. Having been a responding EMT/Firefighter.......this is a major soapbox issue with me!! Just seeing her in so much pain and losing her car......of course it's not easy. Her children and grandchildren all live out of State, so she's really in need of help with some pretty major decisions. Oh man am I so glad for a hubby who is intelligent and level-headed!!! He was able to retrieve her personal items from her totalled car, and not yell at a lawyer-interview this afternoon. I did not yell either, but I wanted to tell him to just get off his high horse!! Well, at least we have 2 other interviews set up for Monday, along with at least one other Dr. visit. She also is in the process of getting her house ready to put on the market.........and it's not a good market right now. But she really wants to live near her daughter and her youngest grandbabies!! I sure don't blame her!! So her life is on hold and she's a mess!! Meanwhile, the guy's bonded out of jail and gave false info!!! Now just WHERE is John Wayne when you need him???!!!! LOL

Ah well.............what I am extremely grateful for today is that my family is healthy and happy! And I must keep remembering to help out when folks need it.........but not to take on everything. Hmmmmm............that'll take some figuring out I'm sure!!

Weight loss sure doesn't happen on these days though, let me tell ya!! Diet coke and cookies were my meals today.............well.......picking myself back up........a la Flylady........and begin again with my baby steps tomorrow!!!! daily "check in" or "kick in the pants" friend...........thanks for being there!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I forgot some little Mice!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!! I forgot to post a pic of my 3 newest Mousie stamps!!!!! Aren't they toooooooooo cute???!!!

Okay..........I told y'all this would be a boring blog!!! ;)

My House Mouse Stamp Collection

Okeedokee..............I THINK these are all of the stamps I have at the moment!! I need to post them here so I can see which ones I have!!!! LOL And if any of my wonderful stampin' buddies would like any of these images...............just let me know!!! :)

Well, I can't figure out how to get them evenly posted, so I guess my Mousie stamps will just have to take up a huge space!!!! LOL

My kids..........

These are my kiddos!! I'd call them my babies but that's not appreciated at their age, don'tcha know!! I really can't brag on them enough........they're awesome teenagers!! They still love hanging out at home, having family dinners, and Game Nights!!! :)

House Mouse Addiction!

Ok, it's no secret that House Mouse stamps are my all-time favorite!!!! How can anyone resist those adorable little mousies??!! LOL Here are a few of my favorite House Mouse cards so far..............but there's always more in the planning stages!!!

I'm heeeeeeeeeeeere!!!!!!!!!!

Howdy everyone!!! Okay, since all my SCS Flybaby friends are setting up blogs........I wanna have one too!!!! life is not exciting beyond imagination......although there ARE times since I DO have 2 teenagers!!! But what a fun way to share daily life and fun and ups and downs with friends!! It sure makes it seem like all my good friends live right down the road instead of all over the country!!! You may just find the oddest mixture of blogging here ever!! Who knows what I'll be in the mood to chat about day by day??!! LOL Enjoy!!!